Our Lineage

Welcome to UniMed Publishing, a catalogue of books that covers everything you ever wanted to know about the origins of the human race, the grandness of the universe and the purpose of and way forward for human life – and so much more.

You might rightly ask: is this a new kid on the block and how come I have never heard of Serge Benhayon and UniMed Publishing?

And how is it that a single man, who in his main profession is not an author, can write just on if not more than 30 books – 12 of them plus seven volumes of The Way of The Livingness Sermons already published, four more tomes being printed at present (2021) and four more ready to be printed by the end of the year and another one in the editing process – with many more planned. And all this in 22 years?

The fact is that what is presented here is not new at all and has a lineage that is as old as mankind, as old as human life on earth. The foundation and ever-present source of these books and the teachings of Universal Medicine is the Ageless Wisdom, which has been available to illuminate and teach men and women for millennia.

And thus, the lineage of its messengers and masters spans all the way from Hermes to Hercules to Imhotep to Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, the Master Jesus (Yeshua), to Helena Blavatsky and to A. A. Bailey, to name but a very few.

The fact that the way of living of nearly each one of them has been forcefully adopted via the interpretations of those who were not contemporaries and studied them rather than live the tangible and practical wisdom offered by the Ageless Wisdom, has led to the many denominations, philosophies, trends and religions that today divide our world, tenuously held together under the cloak of tolerance.

This unified and one of its kind lineage also includes the sages and messengers like Pythagoras, Patanjali, Plato, Hypatia, da Vinci, F Bacon and R Bacon and shows that there is in fact nothing new about the Ageless Wisdom; its messengers and communications have been with us as long as physical life on earth has existed and in their many different ways, they have all offered mankind the same simple truths:

  • there is much more to us than flesh and bones, there is more to us than meets the eye;
  • we are of Divine origin, no matter how much we might like to contest, deny or live in opposition to the fact;
  • the inner-heart holds the true intelligence of the human body; true intelligence is cardio-centric and the human mind is but an executor of the energy that precedes it and gives it the scope (or limitations) in which to think;
  • the way forward for the human race is through brotherhood (which is really a way back to our origins) – which means that in-truth we are one and unified, not separate parts or divided groups and our truth is to awaken and ultimately live that fact;
  • we are all in fact returning to the glory we once separated from, albeit at our own pace and under the laws of free will which are never violated and in fact are absolute love, allowing us to exercise that will whilst held in love, even if that will is to act against our essence;
  • there is one God who has been misinterpreted, misrepresented and afforded all kinds of human aberrations such as being vengeful, stern and exacting when in truth, God is love, God is immanent, God is;
  • there is no death: what dies is merely the physical form and we have all had many, many lives, irrespective of whether we choose to deny or accept the fact; and it is not the human form that was made in the image of God but the Soul that was breathed forth. The non-physical Soul is the made manifest representation of God and the spirit is the wayward character, a mere fragment of the whole that we come from, which decided to have a physical existence on its own. And its journey, the spirit, is to return to the whole that it (we) came from.

And so the list of representatives of the Ageless Wisdom could go on. Not all messengers have been reported as commenting on all aspects of what is outlined above, but all of them have firmly been rooted in the lineage of the Ageless Wisdom which spans all ages, supersedes all known religions, interpretations, personal or group agendas and divisions and has stood firm throughout history despite the opposition from the powers that be.

The Ageless Wisdom is simply about a One-Unified-Truth, and the immutable fact that all people, of whatever background, culture, nationality or set of beliefs, are actually exactly the same on the inside – with the spark of God within.

And thus, the lineage includes those that have been impeded or persecuted for what they knew to be true. We ought to consider how some hold certain teachings as profane; mostly the leading authorities that stand to prosper from the censorship of the truth. Time after time we see that what was attacked as improper or impious was in fact the truth for all.

Nicolaus Copernicus who, like those of the same lineage that preceded him, knew that the earth was not the centre of the universe and as was Galileo who was brought before the inquisition for his scientific findings.

The lineage also includes those that lived with an absolute commitment to and love for humanity, bringing a power through the simplicity of truth; showing as a lived-fact that it is possible to connect with the Divine and live a life of truth on earth.

What all of these messengers, and the Ageless Wisdom itself have presented to humanity for aeons are the simple truths that we all know within – that underneath it all and no matter what else might go on in life, the fact is that we are love, and so very much more than physical, or even the light of the spirit.

The lineage continues as it always has and as it always will. The books on this site are the present day offering to humanity of the inner-most truth that belongs to all, the grandness and eternal love that are ours within.