The history of Sacred Esoteric Healing

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a technique that entails a healing science and is ageless in its teaching. The modality encompasses the ancient knowledge and wisdom of energetic healing and the ‘Science of the Soul’.

As taught by Universal Medicine, Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) inaugurated its first courses in 2002 but as to its roots, energetic healing is found in the earliest of days deep within our history.

At the core principles of Sacred Esoteric Healing is the understanding of energy and the knowing that everything happens because of energy.

This is indeed not a new concept, but one that has been known and lived by many throughout our time.

The scientific view of energy and its effect on all life matter was applied by many in our history, even as far back as the ancient Egyptians. However, as to its scientific grounding there have been several influential characters that illustrate to us this very knowing. Such names include Sir Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727), Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772), Lord Kelvin (1824 – 1907), William J. M. Rankine (1820 – 1872) and of course the well-known Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955).

It was Sir Isaac Newton who grounded the fact that energy indeed exists, by his statement, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”

This concept was something that Albert Einstein also brought forth with the fact that the body possesses an ‘energy’, termed ‘rest energy’, that holds the potential for change, conversion and transmutation of energy.

It was also Albert Einstein who produced the formula E=mc² and, further to his famous general theory of relativity, he proposed the link between matter and energy.

From just these few examples (and there are many, many more), we here can say that everything is energy, that is, all life is energy, and in fact life itself occurs because of energy.

When we look at the traces of this way of thinking through our history we see the word energy also interchangeably used as light, life-giving and living-force. In fact some several hundreds of years ago it was physicists Lord Kelvin and William J. M. Rankine who introduced the replacement of the term, living force, to the term energy.

What we can take from these scientists who bring a scientific understanding to energy, is that all life occurs because of energy and further, energy is constantly present and can change from one form to another and never be destroyed.

In other words we can simply say that – life is never void of energy.

When we apply this to Sacred Esoteric Healing, we look at the body from an understanding beyond its anatomy and physiology, further to include the energetic state of the body. For if, as many sages and scientists throughout the ages have attested, everything is energy, then every ill, ailment or disease must also be caused by an energy well before it manifests as physical and at present measurable symptoms.

This is true healing – to bring an arrest to the ill energy that causes disease.

We wind back further in time

We find that there has forever been developing scientific discoveries, influential philosophers and ancient civilisations, all adhering to the very fact that everything is energy.

We find early foundations of such wisdom and threads of the essence of energetic healing as far back as ancient Egypt. This healing approach to treating beyond the physical body is embedded in a historical timeline that highlights the holistic approach to healing; that is, to heal the whole and not just its parts and also to consider beyond the physical.

Throughout our history there is much evidence of healing and energy through ancient civilisations and their way of life and philosophy. In fact, there is a seamless lineage of civilisations and philosophical movements that can be explored by the curious researcher.

Indeed there is much that can be covered when we learn of the history of healing and energy for it seems the more stones one turns over, the more we find that living with the knowing that all is energy, is and has always been, an understanding that many have connected to and lived by.

The most obvious of civilisations that lived with the understanding of energy and acknowledged a way of life that adhered to the laws of energy (and hence lived harmoniously which translated in their bodies), are the ancient Egyptians, ancient Persians, the Chaldeans, the Nazareans, the Cathars and the ancient Greeks.

There is no doubt that the ancient Egyptians (early dynastic period) had a connection to a wisdom that is far greater to what the human mind can produce. This is evidenced in the architecture of the Great Pyramids.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians illustrate to us an understanding of a fundamental awareness of cycles and rhythms that were governed by an energetic balance, or in other words a harmonious way of living with themselves, with others and with the constellations of the universe.

They saw that all life was inter-related and hence their view was always grander than the physical body itself.

The ancient Egyptians were also one of the first to understand the body as a whole – they have long held the accolades as holistic energetic healers, based on the truth that ...

If one part of the body was ill, then the whole was out-of-harmony and hence treatment of the whole body was sought.

There is much wisdom known by the ancient Egyptians to explore but it is here captured simply in essence that their connection to science, energy and universal principles was innate and a natural part of their way of living. More specific evidence of healing in the ancient Egyptian civilisation is found in the medical papyri. The medical papyri are amongst the earliest records of medical treatments, dating between 1820 BC to 250 AC.

In these documents there is much evidence on the methods of medical treatment that were based on the approach to expel the ‘unseen’ (energy) that was causing disease. Further evidence is found in archaeological discoveries where temples were dedicated as centres for healing.

Ancient Persia and Essenes

Moving on from ancient Egypt we find that the ancient wisdom continues through to ancient Persia (approximately 2000BC) and then in the Essenes (approximately 200BC – 70AD). The ancient Persians’ life was greatly influenced by their adherence to living within energetic cycles through ceremony, cosmology and nature, much like the Essenes who were a collective of people who also lived with respect to universal principles and understandings of energetic laws. The Essenes lived in a way that held sacred to the divine and a respect to the purity of the body, which enhoused a greater connection to universal energy that held healing power.

The Cathars

Further along in our history we find the Cathars who also believed in divinity, and through the practice of love, unity, and connection they lived this divine light. The Cathars were dualists who believed in the existence of two universal principles, being light and darkness, illustrating the two forms of energy that influence all of life. The Cathars also practised a form of ceremonial healing with a technique that used the laying-on of hands and dedicated themselves into healing cycles as a way of evolving.

Ancient Greeks

These threads of a way of living in adherence to energy and universal principles are further seen in the ancient Greeks, where much of their understanding of healing was inspired by the ancient Egyptians.

The ancient Greeks saw that illness was attributed to beyond the physical, and sought healing through connection and union with Divinity, including the technique of laying-on of hands.

This approach to healing is well known by the God of ancient healing and medicine in Greek religion, Asclepius, who was known to be a healer throughout his mortal life by healing through his hands. His way was made famous by the dedication of medical schools and healing temples.

Like the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks also acknowledged that there is an ‘unseen real’ beneath the ‘unseen seen’ or, in other words, there is a realness (although unseen) to what is beneath the physical.

As described in this brief review of the history of healing, resolution and true healing of an ill has always encompassed more than just the removal of symptoms, but rather the removal of the energy that causes the symptoms.

This is indeed the approach of Sacred Esoteric Healing; to arrest and remove the energy that causes the physical ailment through a healing approach that treats the whole body and not just its parts.

Although only touching the surface of what can be explored in the history of healing, we here find value that in looking back to the healing methodology of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Cathars and others, there is and has always been an understanding that there is more than just the physical.

Further, as the ancient civilisations illustrate, true healing is more than just paying a visit to a ‘healer’ but rather a way of living that is harmonious to the inner (being).

There have also been many influential movements and philosophers who have displayed key developments in the history of energy and healing.


A great example is found in the influence of the Pythagoreans of whom the most well-known is the philosopher Pythagoras (582 – 500BC). Pythagoras’s teachings covered an approach to life that was in relation and connection to divine energy that was inherent in all, and a way of thinking that bridged the visible and ‘invisible’ worlds.


Another philosopher who adds great value to the historical timeline is the philosopher Plato (427 – 347 BC), who presented much on the fact that energy makes matter what it is, and on the innateness of the Soul.

Apollonius of Tyana

It was Apollonius of Tyana (40 - 120AD), a famous Greek philosopher who was known as ‘The Great Healer’ who knew of the power of healing during a time where the laying on of hands was a healing technique that took place by priests. This particular technique was based on the principle that the healing science is within.

The ancients and the many philosophers before us show that an holistic medicinal approach is much more than just treating the physical. It is inclusive of a connection to a divine energy and a knowing that we are in fact divine. It is in our returning to our natural harmonious ways, that so too does the body return to its natural harmonious way of being.

It can be said from looking at this brief snapshot of history that energy is a natural inclusion in life and not something ‘out there’, nor is it new, for it is found in our very historical roots. Inspired by these roots of the ancient wisdom we find true healing is available today via the modality of Sacred Esoteric Healing.

The principle of SEH is to look at the body as a vehicle of energy and all that occurs to it and within it, is a result of energy.

From the foundations that the sages and scientists throughout the ages and including Albert Einstein laid it was Serge Benhayon, founder of Sacred Esoteric Healing, who took this well-known scientific fact and expanded on its application with “everything is because of energy” (1999) and hence the principle of SEH looks at the body as a vehicle of energy, and that all that occurs to it and within it is a result of energy.

This is evidently an approach to healing that has been passed on and lived throughout our history, across all corners of the world, and thus, is still a very needed and very relevant part of life.

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  • By Casey-Lee Lyons, Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine, Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine, Advanced Diploma Acupuncture.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd