Serge Benhayon and Religion – Who is this guy?

When I first came across Serge Benhayon there was a lot of eye rolling. Sitting in the back row of a healing course, on guard in case what I held to be true was ruffled, everything he said touched a nerve and challenged what I thought I knew.

Who does this guy think he is, not holding back and being so confident, I thought as I began to question whether it was actually possible to feel chilled out outside of my yoga class?

Here was someone presenting an opportunity to live life a different way, and not mincing his words. While what he was saying made sense, there was part of me that heard it as another list of things I should or shouldn't be doing, and a right or wrong way to live my life. To me, it sounded like 'my way or the highway'. But I couldn't shake the feeling that there must somehow be more to life – I had had an obsession with finding the elusive grail of peace and happiness for as long as I could remember, and there was an undertone of anxiety that had always been in my life.

Then there was all the background noise on the Internet about this being some kind of cult. That piqued my interest, but the people I met who attended Universal Medicine courses were so consistently sorted, so real and rock solid, so matter of fact and just getting on with their lives, that the cult stuff seemed a little bit ridiculous.

And then there was the mention of the word religion. Religion! Oh God. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more uncomfortable. But what if the word ‘religion’ as we know it today has been bastardised to such an extent that it’s lost its original meaning of returning to, and being with one’s self? What if the true meaning of ‘religion’ is a relationship with one’s self – that inner part of us, that inner stillness of calm and clarity that knows and feels everything? What if ‘God’ essentially means the same as ‘Universe’ and a reference to the bigger picture?

I was intrigued enough to put my qualms and doubts to one side for long enough to keep asking questions and wanting to know more. I listened intently, ready to pounce and judge on one false move, determined to prove to myself that this person was making it up so I could relax and drop the whole thing, walking away with the satisfying proof that I'd been right all along.

But the more I listened and questioned the more what he was saying made sense to me. And not because I lost my mind and got brainwashed in some kind of crazy voodoo trickery, nor because I suddenly fell in love with this man and everything he was saying, nor to justify my own investigations into finding answers, nor because I was swept off my feet with a sudden crush on God.

But because, to my incredulousness, the simple choices I was making – inspired by Universal Medicine practitioners, to listen a bit more to my body and treat myself a bit more lovingly – began to clear my whirring mind and emotions. I started to feel more deeply into my life and myself, to see my own reactions and responses more clearly, and understand them and where they came from, and to feel steadier within myself.

As the fog lifted a bit I began to feel that it had never been a presentation of 'my way or the highway', but one of a natural way of being, versus how most of the world is currently living. It's not about right or wrong, but about what's true and not true, for you, in your own body, with no judgment. Take it or leave it, either is fine.

So this guy Serge Benhayon is just like everyone else, but someone who's chosen a little earlier than most to live life differently, to feel everything and live from there. He is someone who presents that if life isn't ok for one person, it's not ok for all of us. We're all in this together, and responsible for our own lives. And that is uncomfortable to feel because sometimes taking responsibility for our own lives, and all of our choices, and dealing with our stuff – our issues – feels challenging. But it's also liberating, letting go of all that stuff and who we think we should be, all the issues we’ve carried around for our whole life, thinking they were an intrinsic part of who we are, and to just live as ourselves – all of who we truly are – without holding back, and without keeping ourselves small or protected.

Serge Benhayon is no messiah or guru, just someone who's just so unapologetically un-afraid of saying what he knows is true.

Unafraid to ask the big questions . . . hang on, are we living our lives as truly, fully and with as much love as we have the possibility to live them? What might life, and the world, feel like if we did? And what is love? Is it some heavy emotional expectation, investment or arrangement, or is it a super powerful and deeply respectful holding of yourself and all others as equals? What if life was as simple as being loving to and with ourselves first, and then with others? Not in some hippy, wishy-washy way, but in a simple, just stop and feel what your body is saying to you kind of way, and act from there.

No pandering, just truth.

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