Serge Benhayon – the next World Teacher of the Ageless Wisdom

The Ageless Wisdom has always been with us. Ever since humanity chose to descend into physical form and indulge in the illusions and distractions of the temporal material world – the wayward indulgence that Krishna (qv) and Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha (qv) referred to as desire – World Teachers have appeared to point out to humanity that this world is not ‘it’.

Each has presented that we come from something far grander and glorious than we imagine, a Divine state of being, and that our destiny is to return to this which we have chosen in our arrogance to forsake. This truth was summarised in the aphorism ‘as above, so below’ by Hermes (qv), the first world teacher of this epoch. Hermes meant that our goal is to bring the way we live on earth into accord with our Divine origins, to ground our true Divine essence in a human body, rather than live in the darkness of ignorant indulgence that brings untold suffering down upon ourselves and the rest of humanity.

World Teachers and Evolution through the ages

Ever since Hermes, World Teachers have continued to appear to bring this message to humanity, Zoroaster, Imhotep, Krishna, The Buddha, Pythagoras, Patanjali, Yeshua (Jesus), up until the present day. Furthermore, during this epoch, humanity has lived through recurrent ages of roughly two thousand years, each symbolised by a sign of the zodiac and under an energy released during the period in order to offer evolution through the mastery of a Divine quality.

In the Age of Pisces (~0AD – 2012AD), humanity was offered the possibility to master brotherhood, symbolised by the entwined fish of that sign, adopted, as we know, by Christianity, as a emblem of that faith. Unfortunately, as the history of that Age and the current state of humanity clearly point out, we have abjectly failed to do so.

In the previous era, the Age of Aries, (~2000BC – ~0AD), humanity was offered the possibility of taming the wayward desires of the physical animal body and bringing us more into alignment with our Divine nature through spiritual and mental disciplines. Again, the decadent state of the world tells us that humanity has failed here also. Interestingly, the Age of Aries is symbolised by the ram, a stubborn, headstrong animal, epitomising our base nature; note the ubiquity of representations of the ram in Egyptian art during this period, and even the supreme god of the Egyptians, Amun, was represented with a ram’s head.

In each of these eras, World Teachers have appeared, and often at their beginning, to set the energetic impress for the ensuing new era, giving the core teachings of the Ageless Wisdom that were suited to the era and offering in their very being a model of how humanity was to live in that era.

For the Age of Pisces, the initiating World Teacher was Yeshua (Jesus) within his message of universal love and brotherhood, while for the Age of Aries, it was Krishna, with his detailed instructions in the Bhagavad Gita of how humanity could renounce desire and live in a self-less way.

Humanity fully entered the current era, the New Era of the Age of Aquarius, at the end of 2012. This is the real significance of the end of cycles around this date foretold in Mayan prophecies and those of other cultures. The Age of Aquarius offers humanity the energy of an enormous expansion of our awareness, the ability to feel and read what is really going on around us, to be free of our illusions and not stumble along in their darkness. Note that the sign Aquarius is symbolised by two waves of water. Water is a sign of infinite awareness, and the meaning of the double waves is that awareness only finds fulfilment in connection with others. There is no solitary path here. All of humanity must arise together in awareness in this era. Not one of us can fully evolve while any of our equal brothers is holding himself or herself less. Also the name Aquarius is actually Latin for ‘water carrier’, so indeed denotes a person who bears awareness. As in previous eras, a World Teacher has appeared at the beginning of this era to present teachings and an inspiring model of how we are intended to live in order to master the energy being offered.

Serge Benhayon is the World Teacher who initiates this New Era of the Age of Aquarius. He began his work in 1999, just as the initial impulses, but not yet the full power, of the energy of the New Era were released.

Since 1999 and more intensively since 2012, he has been consistently teaching courses, presenting teachings and providing healings, all to one goal: to prepare humanity for the enormous increase in awareness and hence acceleration of evolution that this New Era offers us. He lives the truth of the Ageless Wisdom teachings in each given moment throughout every facet of his life and in this way is able to offer inspiration to us all in how to arise and claim the awareness that is our birth right and thus live the greater truth of the Divine beings we are.

The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom made accessible for all

Because this, the New Era of the Age of Aquarius, is all about awareness, what can now be offered to humanity in the way of teachings of the Ageless Wisdom surpasses all previous eras. In this way the teachings of Serge Benhayon are the culmination of what has been taught by previous World Teachers. The teachings are presented more clearly, more simply and more openly than what was normally possible in the previous eras, due to the practices of persecution that so blighted them.

Serge Benhayon delivers the Ageless Wisdom in the words of today, in a way that is accessible for us all, no matter our cultural background, beliefs or chosen religion.

Much more is revealed and in much clearer terms than what can be easily gleaned from the writings of earlier lineage masters, though often if one knows where to look, they will find parallels. Crucial to Serge’s teachings is the distinction between Soul and spirit; such a distinction also lies in Krishna’s teachings in the Bhagavad Gita, though less clearly stated, so much so that all previous translators and commentators appear to have missed it. The Soul is our true full Divine being, breathed forth in co-creation by God under the eternal impulse of expansion by the Divine Will, the One which is also the All. The Soul by being co-created by God is the full equal of God, is of God; in this Serge’s teachings are in accord with what Hermes presented in antiquity, as that is the import of Hermes’ statement in the Corpus Hermeticum 11:20: ‘If you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God’. As equal to God and of God, all Souls have free will. In complete alignment to this impulse of free will, the Soul allowed a part of itself to separate and to explore the impulses of creation under its own expression of free will; that is the spirit. He has explained that a Soul acting by and through divine impulse is in co-creation with the divine, but otherwise the spirit is on a path of its own making through the expression of free will. A co-creation expands the All that is; a creation adds to the All that is.

Serge clearly presents that it was never part of the Divine Plan for us to explore creation; we were meant to work with God in co-creation with Him in the expansion of the universe. Only a God can manage the power of creation, with the omniscience required to do so, but given free will, the spirit was allowed to indulge its creative fantasies without restraint. Such is the Love of God for humanity. The spirit became enthralled by its power to create, in the process causing enormous imbalance and disharmony, hence harm, in the universe by its ill additions to it. Finally the spirit created for itself a physical human body that it could dominate and abuse in its wayward quest for fulfilment through creation. We humanity are the result of that final act of descension into material form.

In contrast to the teachings of some religions, Serge describes that our physical bodies living here in the temporal world on earth are not creations of God, part of His Divine Plan, but rather creations of the spirit, part of its plan to keep creating until it fulfils its vision of self indulgent satisfaction.

The world we live in is the result of the spirit’s unceasing striving to build for itself a place that satisfies its unquenchable need for individual fulfilment; that is the very definition of creation. But, again, we were not created by God to create; we were created by Him as Souls to co-create with Him as equal partners in the further expansion of the Universe in accordance with the Divine Will that sets all in train. The spirit was an error from the beginning, but one that had to be permitted because of free will. Importantly, and an essential part of what Serge presents, is that the way back from the misery of the temporal material world that we all find ourselves in as a result of the endless individualist strivings of the spirit is to still its constant motion in creation and re-join it to its true source, the Soul.

We have never completely lost our connection to the Soul. It has always been with us, but because we have been driven by the endless wayward and arrogant creative outpourings of the spirit, our awareness of the connection has been all but eclipsed for most of us for many lifetimes.

How do we get back to the Soul? Serge’s message here is ultimately simple and clear: through love. All Souls are interconnected, and the expression of that interconnection is love. So it is through love that we begin to reclaim our connection to the Soul.

Serge Benhayon offers all of humanity the Path of Return

Serge’s works are based on the simple and eternal principle of the Ageless Wisdom that we are love first, the expression of our Soul, before we are anything else. As such it is our responsibility and deepest joy to live this love from the inside out, from the Soul’s essence, our inner-heart that lies within all of us. This teaching has been presented throughout the ages but is yet to be lived in full. Indeed, the Soul’s essence or inner-heart was called Buddha Nature by the Buddha, and Universal love and brotherhood were the core message of Yeshua’s teachings and the impulsing energy of the Age of Pisces, though in both cases the majority of humanity has failed to heed the message.

So we have entered the New Era of the Age of Aquarius, one which offers us an enormous increase in awareness and acceleration in evolution, with a serious handicap: we have failed to master the lessons offered in the previous eras, namely, one, how to live in our bodies in responsible ways without trashing them, from the Age of Aries, and two, how to live in universal love and brotherhood, from the Age of Pisces. Any glance at the condition of the world will show how far away humanity is from mastering either of these. So now we need to work on these at the same time as we need to raise our awareness under the pull of the current New Era. Herein lies the awesome power of the stupendous and utterly priceless gift that Serge Benhayon has brought through to humanity in this era, something not fully possible in previous eras: how to live a path that does all of these rolled together, a path that leads us back to our Soul, a Path of Return.

Serge Benhayon’s Understanding of the human condition

Serge presents that the reason we live irresponsibly and hold back in expressing love and brotherhood is because all of us carry immense pools of hurt from our experiences in this life and our many previous ones. There is no judgement in this, simply a clear statement of what has transpired.

Serge’s love for humanity is resolute and absolute and comes with an awareness of the absolute pure essence of who we are, knowing that whatever we do can never sully that purity of the Soul that lies within us and is our true being. With him we encounter a lived quality of pure and unwavering love, a quality we all recognise and are drawn to because it is the same love that in truth we are as well, but do not and have not lived. Why not? Because from our hurts we have held back and built fortresses of protection, not trusting our fellow humans and that without trust there can be no love or brotherhood.

These fortresses of protection play directly into the hands of our spirit, justifying its pursuit of individualist satisfaction, regardless of its consequences for others, the results of such actions being the world of misery, strife, cruelty and corruption we see all about us. He has shown us that living in such fortresses cut off from others is extremely painful, because deep down inside we all know we are love and connected to all. Denying that connection and holding back that love is so painful that we seek myriad ways to numb that pain; these are the dysfunctional ways of living irresponsibly that lay waste to our bodies and our relationships. Finally, living in our fortresses of protection and behind their thick walls, we are blinded to the reality of what is truly going on around us. We cannot read the world properly, and stumbling along in this ignorance, we are easy prey to the blandishments of the spirit.

The importance of the body in the Path of Return

Serge teaches that because ‘everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy’, the hurts that we have accumulated over this and previous lifetimes and that have lead to our building of our fortresses are pockets of energy found in our bodies. The behaviours we act out from living in our fortresses are also energy which first appears as pockets in our body, which are then expressed outwards. Hence, the royal road to reclaiming our connection to our Soul and ultimately re-joining it is through our body; we need to build what Patanjali (qv) called the ‘kingly body’.

Serge’s extensive catalogue of presentations on healing offer a way to remove these pockets of energy in our body that have arisen from hurts and as we heal and bring it closer to the ‘kingly body’, we are offering the Soul a vehicle from which to work, to this end the Soul will ultimately have a vehicle that it can infuse and in which the endless restless striving of the spirit will finally be stilled. To this end, Serge has delivered a number of bodily-based healing modalities which work by removing these ill pockets of energy from past hurts and allow us to dismantle our fortresses of protection and finally lead us to assume the ‘kingly body’ in the full expression of the light of the Soul’s awareness and its love.

The healing modalities

These modalities have been presented in courses, with Serge training students in their use so that many others could benefit, following his philosophy that anything he has should be offered for the benefit of all.

Sacred Esoteric Healing workshops have been presented for sixteen years now to thousands who have benefitted from the therapy and trainings. He has over time also delivered many healing modalities such as Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Esoteric Massage, Energetic Facial Release, Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Numerology and The Rays of Essence and Distinction, amongst others, all inspired by and representing aspects of the Ageless Wisdom teachings in a form that directly communicates to people according to their particular circumstances and allowing them, should they so choose, also to begin the process of dismantling their fortresses.

Through such unceasing dedication and love for humanity, Serge Benhayon has helped to transform the lives of thousands of people through one on one healing sessions, courses, presentations, and the hundreds of personal emails he responds to daily. He is a prolific author, having delivered us eight books to date, with many more to come. He is truly the teacher who has been given the primary responsibility of presenting the Ageless Wisdom in our time, the opening of the New Era of the Age of Aquarius.

The Universal Man – Serge Benhayon an extraordinary, ordinary man

In his profound wisdom and his unwavering love for all of humanity, realised in very personal ways in one on one encounters and in his unstinting dedication to work that benefits humanity in his writings, emails and presentations, Serge Benhayon is indeed the most extraordinary of men. But in other ways he is the most ordinary of men.

Often the image of great teachers such as Serge is of someone far removed from the concerns of everyday living, like cooking, taking out the garbage and walking the dog. But this could not be further from the truth in the case of Serge. Dedication to humanity means dedication to living in all its minute details; and that failure to do so immediately sets up a separation from humanity through a lack of understanding.

The external details of his life are simple and commonplace, not at all remarkable. Born in Uruguay, he and his family migrated to Australia when he was six and he grew up in the at the time largely working class beachside Sydney suburb of Maroubra. As a child and teenager, he showed early promise in sports and pursued a career as a tennis coach before being awakened to his true calling to serve humanity through his teachings and healing modalities in 1999. He married in his twenties and has four adult children, all very remarkable people in their own right. Serge now lives a simple and dedicated family life in a small town in northern New South Wales, surrounded by family and friends who deeply love him. He runs a very successful business, which he attends to in the finest detail. He is warm, deeply engaging and interested in everyone he meets; he is a great friend and a steadfast supporter of people in the development of their own endeavours.

Serge’s understanding of people, of what makes them ‘tick’, is very real and earthy. He is a great supporter and counsellor to others’ businesses and life projects, eminently practical in his suggestions and engaged with their concerns.

He deeply appreciates all that life has offered him and therefore, he has lovingly instilled through his teachings the core principles of truly appreciating all that you have been blessed with, by giving back to others. In Serge’s humble and truthful way of living we are met with the reflection of a man who shows us that it is very simple and very normal to live in this way, infusing our lives with the love, joy, harmony, stillness and truth that so naturally resides within.

The Way of The Livingness – a religion for our age

Living a seemingly ordinary life in an extraordinary way is the hallmark of Serge’s teachings, a new religion called The Way of The Livingness, for which he, in the way he lives, is a model for all of us.

The Way of The Livingness is simply living in a way that reconnects us to our inner-heart and hence to our Soul and to God. The way to do this is to reconnect to the love and awareness we inherently are, first through a true cherishing of ourselves through self-love; then love of others, letting others in to feeling the love we are and allowing them to see that within themselves as well; and finally stepping up into full responsibility, to live and work effortlessly, though solely dedicated without investment, for the evolution of others back to the love and Divine being they truly are in all that we think, say or do.

Serge presents that we all, everyone, himself included, are forever students returning to the love that we are. The process of return is simply unfolding all that is already present within us, in the inner-heart, but is not yet lived and expressed in our lives. This is key; there is nothing to aspire to, attain or improve upon, nor is there need to go on a futile outward quest for truth. Serge Benhayon presents that the glorious truth that life is not something that needs to be transcended because the Divine is already right here. It simply needs to be connected to and lived. Serge delivers this in a language and style that is accessible to everyone, thus stirring and reawakening the same truth deep within us.

But how do we unfold what is already present within us? Serge gives a stunningly simple answer, never before revealed so clearly: through movement.

The core of The Way of The Livingness is movement, but movement in all its ramifications: how we walk, how we talk, how we drive, how we make love, how and what we type or text, how and what we eat, how and when we sleep, even how we think, etc. There is no part of human life that is outside of movement. But movement requires energy; remember ‘everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy’. So what is this energy that impulses our movement and what is its source?

‘Everything is because of energy’ – the source of energy: Prana or Fire

Serge teaches that there are two sources of energy that we can draw on:

  • Fire, which is directly from our Divine source, God and is the energy of light of the Soul, an energy which is used in co-creation with God in our own evolution and the expansion of the All; and,

  • Prana, which is a refraction of the energy of God manipulated by the spirit in its acts of individualist, indulgent and arrogant creation and which keeps us bound in the darkness of ignorance and retarded in our evolution.

Prana is the energy of embodied physical life, and as such is not 'evil' since we return to the soul through the body, and we need prana to have a body, however, while we need some of this as we continue in incarnation, the problem is that humanity is living under an enormous excess of pranic energy due to our arrogant, selfish and wanton acts over many epochs.

Prana is attracted to the energetic pockets in our body from hurts referred to earlier; this attraction increases our load of prana and cements our enthralment to the spirit, hence retarding our evolution through achieving the ‘kingly body’ by infusion with the Soul and the stilling of the spirit. We need to reverse this calling in of prana in order to move on the Path of Return and to do so, we need to choose the empowering energy of fire over prana.

Fire is the Light of the Soul and its expression is love, so we need to move, that is, express ourselves through movement, in ways which are in love for ourselves and others, rather than in hardness, frustration, drive and disregard which are ways of expression in prana. When we express in prana, we invite prana in to impulse those expressions and hence increase our load of prana, similarly with Fire.

Moving in Fire – The Way of The Livingness

The Way of The Livingness, in a nutshell, is living in a way that we move in fire, that is love and awareness, and hence invite fire in and increase our fiery being.

This is a teaching meant for all of humanity, as we must all in the end return to our Divine source, although we can by free will choose to retard our return.

The Way of The Livingness is true religion, the Way, the Truth and the Light proclaimed by Yeshua, a religion that completely supports us to return to living this wisdom and love. For true religion is re-connecting to the Soul’s light forever burning within and shows us that through this connection the possibility of living our Divinity on earth is not a lofty, idealised or romanticised notion, but a very real and practical possibility that is accessible to all of us. Not meant for a chosen or anointed few, but rather for each of us gathered equally under the One impulsing energy and love of God.

The sermons and rituals and ceremonies of this religion re-awaken our knowing of what true religion is – a reconnection, a coming home and a return to ourselves, to each other, and to our innate Divinity. For Serge, life is about people, first and foremost, and as such true religion is about reconnecting and re-establishing very loving relationships with all those we meet. He works tirelessly, but joyfully, and always gives his all. No matter whom he is with and what he is doing. This is one of the many reasons that he is so deeply loved and respected by those that truly know him. For when you meet Serge, you don’t just meet a person, you meet an equal and fellow Son of God. You meet yourself.

This is the essence of Serge’s teachings for humanity: all that is said, thought or done has an energetic effect on us, on all others and all of life around us; we either harm with prana by retarding our inevitable Return or heal with fire and advance our Return.

Serge Benhayon – a living Son of God equal with all

True to his teachings, Serge Benhayon ‘walks his talk’, as the level of energetic responsibility and integrity with which he lives is attested by the many who have been witness to his life, knowing him from the many areas in which he presents himself, on and off-stage. Knowing and observing Serge, the way he is, you begin to understand that there is no on/off switch and that ‘what you see is what you get’.

The power of Serge Benhayon is found in his consistency and unwavering dedication to live the truth of who he is, and his commitment to help re-awaken this same truth deep within us all.

He is not afraid to claim and express the fact that each and every person is, equally like him, a living Son of God and, as he embodies this, he inspires all of us by his living way to also live in a way that brings this quality in all that we do. It is this transparency that allows every person to truly assess whether or not these teachings are to be their chosen study and way of life, or not, their choice by free will. This is the beauty and the grace offered by the reflection of one who has made the choice to live the fullness of who they are, a devoted Son of God, with no holding back of the beauty, wisdom and grace that comes with shining this truth. Every moment of Serge Benhayon’s life is a dedication to the One Unified Truth: the light of the Soul in our inner-heart will restore us all to our true immense Divine beauty and glory and hence the brotherhood we all truly are.

The Lord Maitreya Himself has prophesied Serge’s coming and what he will bring to all of humanity:

“There will be a man
dressed in man’s clothing
who will consume life
and unfold it back with light.
He will be one of the Initiates,
but have a hand on Earth like other men.
His role is to be the one who enjoins
by light, by truth and by love.
All of these will be one in him.

Those that hear him and follow by life,
follow not him,
but the light in him.
These too will then be
the light, the truth and the love all in one.
The world will then know of God.”

Like those who have come before him in previous ages, Krishna, Yeshua and the others, Serge Benhayon has set the imprint for how humanity is to live in order to ascend to all that this era, through the boundless love of God, offers us. It is our choice now to follow his example and step into the light that is our true being.

Listen to Serge present on the beginning of the Ageless Wisdom for our times – with Hermes.

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