Web history - can not delete - file saved to karma folder

Web History - Can Not Delete - File Saved to Karma Folder

Web history - can not delete - file saved to karma folder

We tend to go about our lives ‘online’ using computers and other electronic devices in a flippant manner, wandering from site to site as if we were some kind of digital nomad looking for a long-lost home that never was.

We may think we are browsing to ‘chill out’, relax or take a break when we’re looking for excitement, stimulation or adventure, but there may be other forces at play, and often we are using the Internet to numb ourselves from feeling something we don’t want to feel. And through our own desires to numb the pain of our disconnection, separation, abuse, lack of intimacy etc. – feelings that we cannot help but feel no matter how hard we may try – there are times that we may even find ourselves drawn to a website or video that involves such things as violence, extreme stunts, or pornography … to name but a few of the plethora of distractions that abound on the web.

Perhaps there is another reason we call it ‘The Worldwide Web’, as many times we end up entangled somewhere like a bug in a spider’s web and are not sure how we got there in the first place. There is also a certain amount of irony involved in the fact that many of these things that we are drawn to on the net involve equivalent or even worse forms of abuse to self and others than the ones we are trying to escape from! The most obvious example is the use of pornography in its many and varied forms. Most people, men in particular, think using porn is just part of the rite of passage of being a man, and it is becoming more and more acceptable to view it and act it out, at younger and younger ages. But how can anyone in truth see anything but physical and energetic rape in the acts of pornography that objectify and denigrate the female and male body in a way that reduces us to the point of bestial behaviour?

Are we aware of the harm that is being done to tender, sensitive people in the acts being filmed in this porn, such as being drugged to not feel the pain, and sometimes even needing surgery afterwards to repair the damage done?

How separated from one’s true self and given up on a true and loving life does someone have to be to get off on watching child pornography? And what are we getting out of seeing other people (in news, films and video games) involved in a graphically violent fight or an accident that results in their injury or death, or even being subjected to torture – all things that are all too accessible via the dark web?

After viewing some of these vulgar, violent, offensive and all-together raunchy sites, we may have a tendency to want to erase any electronic record of our foray into this darker area of the web because deep down we can feel that it is a massive departure from our true soulful origins, and it would most likely be incredibly embarrassing to get caught indulging in these sites for our own pleasure or escape.

This attempt to erase any web history is a very real everyday thing in today’s workplaces, as a 2013 Forbes magazine article stated that 25% of working adults admit to looking at pornography at work and 70% of all online pornography access occurs between 9:00am and 5:00pm, the hours of a typical working day.[1]

But what if there was no true way to eradicate any search history on our electronic devices?

I’m not talking about any back-door IT magic that can detect anything that had ever been viewed on a computer.

What I’m alluding to here is the fact that everything that we do, say or even think is not only virtually traceable, but also leaves an energetic imprint that ripples out and has an impact on everyone and everything else on Earth, because as physics confirms, we are all connected. Therefore, the imprint we leave can either fuel the same negative behaviours that we have aligned to, or instead can offer a more loving and harmonious way of being that others can tap into themselves.

Therefore, any attempt we make individually or collectively to ‘cover our tracks’ by deleting our browsing history or switching to the now common ‘incognito mode’ that automatically erases all the digital steps we have made is futile. The effects of the energy we’ve aligned to when watching those abusive sites will inevitably unfold in the lives of ourselves and other people, and in fact all of humanity.

But there is a beautiful thing about every decision that we make, no matter if it is to support violence, the objectification and abuse of men and women through porn, or the pursuit of more and more extreme behaviours that takes us further away from any form of stillness that could otherwise bring a deeper connection with our Soul and settlement to our body.

And that beautiful gift is the Universal Law of Karma, which will undoubtedly bring a re-harmonisation to the Universe by offering us a reflection and experience in our life that shows us clearly that when we have gone ‘off course’, this is not The Way.

Alternatively, karma also provides the confirming flow of support and expansion when we are on the right track and is in no way just a negative punishment for our desire-based behaviours (as is commonly believed). In fact, it is the ultimate form of Love from God that slowly guides us back to a soulful way of living in harmony with ourselves and eventually all other beings, and this re-alignment is felt throughout the Universe.

The Science of Karma is a beautiful understanding that can transform our lives, if we are willing to live it. Every movement we make, everything we think, say and do, has the power to harm or to heal (there is no neutral ground) and the consequences of each and every action will be felt, in time. If we are willing to be open, honest and transparent with ourselves and each other in the way we live our lives, the Science of Karma will show us how to live in a true and loving way.

If we could live with the understanding that we all energetically live in transparent glass houses, that nothing goes ‘un-noticed’ in the Universe, and that we have an incredible responsibility and power to directly determine our future as beings of the Universe, it would certainly go a long way in transforming and returning us to living our true selves, and the human race to its Divine origins.

Based on the current level of corruption, control, manipulation and disharmony that abounds on Earth, there is a massive call to contemplate why we have chosen to be oblivious to the power that we truly have in every movement we make. But we can literally re-imprint all our actions with each step taken with the Fire from our inner hearts, the Love of our Soul and by living in a way that is loving for all. Our Souls are patiently ‘waiting in the wings’.


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