Our universal relationship – have we checked our inbox lately?

Our Universal Relationship: Have We Checked Our Inbox Lately?

Our universal relationship – have we checked our inbox lately?

"God sends you his love letters all day long…"

Serge Benhayon

What! God is sending us mail, and what’s more they are love letters? This sounds intriguing, inviting and, well, very promising. But am I receiving these letters, and, if not, why not? And what do they look like?

We regularly check our daily mail. But do we realise that our ‘inner mail’ is also being delivered all the time, every single day?

We ourselves are a part of a universal being – every day and in every way. We’ve actually got it all within us. The Server is free, and we come equipped with the vital cables and infrastructure necessary for receiving such communication – our physical body, that most precious and sensitive of instruments through which our messages can be felt and known.

How often do we check in with the body, our divine receiver, to access what it is feeling and communicating to us?

Serge Benhayon and the Ancient Wisdom present that we are all held and live in a radiant sphere of universal life where omnipresent communication is continually contacting us from God’s impulsing ‘being’ and activity. Our bodies are constantly receiving and registering the timeless movement and emanation of this divine, multi-dimensional energy from within us, whether we are aware of it or not.

But where are we in all this?

Are we connected to and caring for our physical body, willing to feel what it is constantly communicating to us? Or are we somehow obscuring the reception of the omnipresent communication by interfering with the receiver itself – interfering with our body’s wellbeing – with substances and behaviours that expressly act against its optimum state of being? That is, using anything but a connected, loving and healthy approach as the natural mode for us and our body’s day-to-day activity.

The physical body is our first and precious point of contact back to our Soul, back to God. It is well worth looking after and listening to. One can almost hear the body saying, “Ground control to Space-cadet, can you hear me?”

As a race we are being messaged that we come from an immense grandness and universal awesomeness, but by and large it appears as if we are not receiving the message: could that be because we are not living in a way that matches with this grandness – not living in a way that cares for the body, understanding that it is one of our greatest educators on earth?

The body is calling out, loud and clear, for love, and a joyful engagement with life.

We can assuredly come back to the love and divinity that we are and are ceaselessly held in, our glorious and truly ‘spacious’ future, any time we choose – just love yourself and your body and hit the ‘Reply’ button.

"Communication is the ability for the Universe to evolve and it does that through relationships, it’s called the stupendous interactivity”

Serge Benhayon
  • By Lyndy Summerhaze, PhD, BA (1st class hons; University medal) Dip.Mus.Ed, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

    Lyndy loves truth, people, and great conversation. She works as a tutor in English Literature and is a practitioner of the healing arts.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd