Re-incarnation and Karma – punishment or ultimate love?

Re-incarnation and Karma – Punishment or Ultimate Love?

Re-incarnation and Karma – punishment or ultimate love?

An Introduction to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation

What if all that we do, say and think in this life, leaves a trail which, if not true or if harmful to others in any way, and or is disharmonious to the universe in general, needs to be re-balanced? We are all familiar with the term, karma – which is simply a correction or a balancing out of what is intentionally harmful or not true, so that the whole is brought back into harmony. By equal measure, if the trail we leave behind us is true and loving, the trail actually blesses us in return – thus karma is also true love in your life.

What if karma is not a static thing, but a continuing ‘ledger’ so to speak of the quality of what you leave behind you, which either needs to be balanced out in life – or which blesses you as you move forward?

We may like to think that, at the end of our life, it all just goes away and that is it...

However, if we consider that the 'trail' we leave behind, formed by the choices that we make, all stem from an energetic expression, what happens to this energy when we pass-over?

We live in a world where ‘everything is energy and everything is because of energy’ (Serge Benhayon). Everything that we do, every minute of the day, has an effect on all others. We live in a world where we are all connected – in fact we are all one. Quantum physics recognises that the energetic particles that are inside us are actually moving between beings all of the time --- so what makes up you at one point in time will actually be within your neighbour’s body at some point, and then your work colleagues’ and so on. There is no solid boundary between people – there is energy passing in and through us constantly – and it passes both through us and through all others around us.

In a practical sense, this means that if we get angry or frustrated for instance, it sends out what is like ripples – as in ripples in a pool.

We are constantly walking around sending out such ripples. The quality of the ripples is up to us – that is our choice.

The fact of the ripples cannot be changed. We can only have an effect on the quality of the ripples, we cannot stop sending them out. Over the term of a lifetime, we have sent out a lot of ripples – some good, loving and true, and many not. Do we really feel that when someone lives in a way that causes great harm to another or others, that all of that does not matter and is simply cast aside on death?

What if there is a system, or a science that governs a way of balancing out the ripples we have caused? And what if that system is based on the principles of energetic responsibility and energetic integrity?

Generally, we have come to the point where there is a wide acceptance by many that there is such a thing as karma – the correction or balancing out of the ripples. What if the Law of Karma actually applies between and throughout lifetimes?

This would mean us accepting that it doesn’t all just end at the physical death and that we are actually a whole lot more than our bodies.

Life after Death
Reincarnation the Evolution of Energetic Responsibility

Inside all of us is a spirit – some call this the ‘light’ in us. It is actually just a fragment of the light we truly are, but it is light, nonetheless. This character, the spirit, is a being that makes choices.

What if the spirit has been reincarnating for thousands and thousands of lives and making the same choices, over and over again? Do you ever feel that some of your habits or patterns seem older than you? That there are some behaviours that just seem to kick-in and seem so old and hard to shift? What if they are things you have been doing over and over again, for many, many lifetimes?

Is this far-fetched?... Perhaps – and if so, you are free to discount it. However, you feel about re-incarnation and generally the law of cause and effect, it is at least worth contemplating the possibility that there is a harmonious order by which life flows, and what we contribute to that life, if it is not in harmony, needs to be re-balanced.

If there is a law that is about balancing out life, then we can either squirm at that and reject it, or we can see it as an opportunity to bring a whole new meaning to the words, 'accountability', 'responsibility' and 'integrity'.

The possibility of Re-incarnation introduces the fact that – "Nothing is nothing, and therefore, everything is everything." ~ Serge Benhayon

Reincarnation introduces a whole new level of responsibility to life – in the knowing that if you intentionally do something that harms in this life, it will just track through to your next life and you are going to have to deal with it at some point. It is not a punishment, but an experience returning for you to choose more wisely. This is important, as we have a habit of pushing things under the carpet and thinking we do not have to deal with them. But what if they never really do just ‘go away’ and we have to deal with every-thing we leave behind?

It is like each person has their own ledger of life – a record of everything they have ever done, said and thought, which leaves a certain quality of ‘ripple’ that then affects all other people (and all life). It is our job, for each of us personally, to balance out our own record, so that in the end, what we leave behind us are ripples of a certain quality that do not bring any harm to others.

Karma works both ways – we may be bitter, disdainful or angry and think it all ends at death and does not matter, but it does. Equally so, true love in your life is also karma, which also comes back to you – not for correction, but it comes back to bless you. Thus karma is also harmony and truth in one’s life – something we can all choose at any time.

So, what if it doesn’t end at death and the person who has lived a certain way, comes back as a baby, into a new life, and must face all the things they left behind in their last and previous lives – either being blessed by the loving choices they made previously, or having to deal with the same issues they left unresolved?

When we start to feel the undeniable fact that we live in a world of energy, and everything we do in life affects everyone else, all of the time, we can then start to see that the way we choose to go through life, actually really does matter.

Seeing life as a huge pool where we are constantly sending out ripples, is very helpful, as we start to see that we have a choice as to the quality we send out and the quality we leave behind, in all that we do.

Ethics and Responsibility
Reincarnation – looking afresh at ‘Responsibility’

As mentioned previously life is a huge pool where we are constantly sending out ripples. The quality of ripples we send out, is up to us … What if we all lived with that degree of accountability? Wouldn’t the world be in much better shape?

Is it possible that our denial or discounting of reincarnation, that is, saying it does not exist, is simply an irresponsible way of saying we want to do whatever we like, without consequence? If we view re-incarnation from the point that it is a worldly or universal responsibility, re-incarnation then becomes a wake up call, a call for us to grow up and out of a seemingly childish and or very ignorant perspective.

To believe that we can do whatever we want and that it doesn’t matter, it is extremely ignorant in the face of a universe and of human life that is very clearly magnificently ordered.

These questions ask us to consider what would the outcome be if we became energetically responsible. It is very clear that there is a stupendous universal interdependence that relies on harmonious relationship and interaction. It would be wise for us to consider that we too belong to The Universe and therefore belong to the interdependence and should therefore be energetically responsible adherents.

Whether we accept that we are coming back, after physical death, or not, is irrelevant – we can choose to believe in re-incarnation or not, and that is not the point here. We each choose what we align to. However, the principle being offered here is an opportunity to bring an accountability to life – whether we believe in reincarnation or not --- i.e. an accountability for the energetic quality we leave behind. If we take a moment to pause, we would have to agree that this basic principle really does matter.

The ripples we send out, from everything we do, say and think, do not just extend to our immediate family. They keep going, out and out, and can and do reach far, far beyond. Just like something in the sea in one country can wash up on a beach in a far off country, so too do energetic ripples simply keep on going --- waves of energy do not ‘stop’ – they flow. We need to start to see the world as one of energy. It actually makes life much, much simpler, and we start to see that choosing to live responsibly is for the true good of all. We can either send out ripples that harm, or ripples that are loving and true.

Seeing it in this way also brings much to us – in terms of being able to choose so as to enjoy a quality of living in a way that does not harm ourselves or others – if we make life about a deep connection with love, joy and harmony, then the quality of our lives reflects something truly superb, which we can then fully enjoy in the knowing also that by living in this way we are ensuring we are not adding to the lovelessness in the world, but paving the way for something much, much greater, for all.

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