Making Healthy Food Choices - Stop Connect Feel - Remix

Making Healthy Food Choices - Stop Connect Feel - Remix

Making Healthy Food Choices - Stop Connect Feel - Remix

How often do you stop and listen to your body?

All too often our bodies are overworked, underpaid and poorly fed and watered. The Stop Connect Feel traffic light process is an invaluable tool that will help you stay in touch with your body and allow your own in-house expert to deliver food choices tailor made to suit your own true needs.

Stop Connect Feel is a simple system that is about really connecting with your body and then listening to what it is your body needs and not necessarily what your head and other dietary information may be telling you or trying to sell you.


Your body is your very own in-built food navigation system and personal expert nutritionist. Your body is truthful, it can literally 'talk' to you and share great wisdom if only you stop and notice what it is saying. It can let you know from the inside out what you need.

For example, most people these days are downright tired, if not exhausted. And when the 3pm or 8pm slump hits, we head straight to a sweet 'pick-me-up'. But is this what our body needs?

If we were to ask our body – which can never lie "Is this sugary food/drink a good 'match' for my over-worked, tired body?", what would it say?

The answer is NO – it's our mind that convinces us that a quick sugar fix will do the trick, when in truth we'll soon be as depleted after the sugar hit as we were before it and the last thing our tired or depleted body needs is more short term stimulation As we all know, sugar may give us a temporary 'up' – but it always is followed by a crash.

The short story is we've become so out of sync with our natural way of being with our body that we generally don't listen to what it's telling us until it brings us to some kind of stop with an illness, disease or something that we just can't avoid. All our issues arise when we go against our in-built navigation system.

But all is not lost. You can take this fresh and empowering approach to re-booting your natural system and giving your body an opportunity to have a louder say.


It's simple – with a bit of practice you can develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your body using the Stop Connect Feel process:

Stop if you are feeling:
Time pressured

You are worth taking a moment for yourself.

Take a moment to ...
Go to the toilet (no one will disturb you).
Make a cup of tea.
Go for a short stroll - walking is a great way to slow down and take the pressure off.
Sit down or even lie down, for a minute.

Take notice:
Listen to and follow your in and out breath.
Is your breath ragged, laboured or short?
Does it come into its own gentle rhythm?

Take a moment to ...
Give yourself the time and space to reconnect, it only takes a few minutes.
Connect with nature. Connect with YOU.
Connect with your breath – breathe gently in and out.

Use the Gentle Breath Meditation techniques as a support to let go of anxiety and stress, re-connect to your body and to breathe your own breath.

Are you experiencing?
Racing heart
Sweaty hands, underarms or neck
Tight shoulders
Clenched jaw

Take a moment to ...
Ask yourself "What am I feeling?"
Develop your body awareness by identifying any tight spots, tension or pain.
Not try and change anything – it's all about having awareness – no criticism or judgement. Just feeling!
Simply allow yourself to feel what is happening in your body when you stop and connect.

The absolute key is to let your body talk to you

It's so simple!

Use it before you eat: to help you choose the most supportive foods and drinks for you.

Use it after you eat: to check in and determine if what you ate or drank was in fact a good match.

Use it anytime (and all the time): to bring you right back to where you are at your best ... listening to your body, the best counsellor and the greatest expert you could ever ask for!

Developing body awareness and listening to your body is the absolute best way to feel what healthy food choices truly are.