Our breath as a tool of connection

Our breath as a tool of connection

Our breath as a tool of connection

Our Breath is our connection to Life, without it we die; we pass on from this world. Our breath is also a tool that supports us to connect us more deeply to both our physical body and to our essential being.

Have you ever reflected on the wonder of the breath – that we are all inhaling from and exhaling into the same grand ocean of air? This unites us all; we are therefore all intrinsically interconnected...

The relationship we have with our breath is well worth exploring and nurturing.

Breathing happens so automatically it can easily be overlooked unless we are experiencing some difficulty with breathing; an adult at rest breathes on average between 17,000 and 24,000 breaths per day (12 - 16 breaths per minute).

That is a lot of breathing.

The way we breathe, in other words the quality of breath we breathe, affects us on all levels; physiologically and also mentally, emotionally and energetically. It affects our heart rate, blood pressure, nervous system and digestion, along with the quality of our presence and sense of wellbeing.

When we feel at ease and unencumbered our breath is like a rhythmic wave that undulates through the body nourishing our physiology and being.

Changes in the quality of our breath occur when we are under stress, emotional, afraid or anxious, usually becoming more erratic and laboured or held in suspense.

In the busyness of life using the Gentle Breath Meditation® and choosing to breathe gently and be gentle throughout our day helps us to remain steady, so we are not affected by situations outside of us or by the world around us.

"The in-breath creates the quality you choose to be and the out-breath magnifies, that is, distributes that chosen quality throughout your body for it to be in all that you will do and or say..."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 510

The opportunity to develop a relationship with our breath is there with every breath, in every minute, every hour, in every day. It is the perfect check-in tool.

By developing greater awareness around our breath we can...

  • Observe the way we are breathing – is it through the nose or the mouth, shallow or full, is it gentle?
  • Recognise how we respond or react to different situations in our life
  • Notice how what we eat, drink, think and do can affect the quality of our breath
  • Find that our mind becomes more aligned to our body

At any moment we can stop, spend a few minutes reconnecting with the gentleness of our breath and carry on with our day. Our breath is a powerful tool of reconnection to ourselves.

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