"The word ‘occult’ is one of the most sacred words that one can use and know. What it means, what it describes and what it reveals is that which God is; and from there, what forms God’s Science and thus the Science of God Himself."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, ed 1, p 363

How many of us knew that the word Occult was one of the most sacred and divine words?

Have we not been taught that it is something secret, spooky, hidden or scary?

The dictionary gives it all sorts of weird meanings that have nothing to do with the truth of the word. Even the medical profession has a term ‘occult blood’ to refer to hidden blood in faeces.

"The Occult is not evil nor is it the behaviour of those who are driven by the consciousness that is usually found in organised cults. The denigration of the word 'Occult' and its implied association with all that it is truly not, is not just careless or accidental; it is a deliberate manipulation through those who do not know and so assume the knowing through and from influenced impulse.

The word 'Occult' is the culture of God. It is simply the Sutra or the living of God's Laws."

Serge Benhayon The Way It Is, ed 2, p 185

The Occult, Esoteric and God are all practical living words that apply to every single one of us, every moment of every day. It is well worth to understand the Truth of these words for accepting or allowing these misrepresentations is a harm to us all.

"The moment one chooses to re-connect to their Soul, which is simply to feel, listen and adhere to the wisdom of one’s inner-heart, where the esoteric resides, the misconceptions, distortions, re-interpretations, delusions and the lies are all exposed for what they truly are – plotted contrivances to keep you unaware of who you truly are. It’s no wonder the word esoteric and especially the word occult have been targeted by such concerted efforts to completely distort their true meaning: the esoteric teaches that you are on a path to return to being a Son of God and that the way to walk along the path is to begin with the fact that you are a Son of God, even if it is unfathomable, and allow the path to unfold it to you whilst the occult shows you all the knowledge, wisdom and magic that you are and share with God as His Son."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time, ed 1, p 407

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Differentiating between esoteric and Occult

The relationship between the Occult, the Esoteric and God.

The occult is the entirety of the Whole and the esoteric is the many parts that make up the whole. If the occult is ‘all there is’ and we separated from this, then by virtue of our withdrawal we have created the very ‘parts’ that now need to be reconciled with the whole they are now existing a-part from.

When one lives esoterically from the impulses of the Soul, the occult will reveal itself in full. It is up to each of us whether we choose to live this way or not and to what degree we will live it.

The word occult comes from the root word kel that is found in the Sanskrit word cala and Greek word kalia and used to describe dwellings such as a ‘hut’, ‘house’ and ‘nest’. In the Latin word celare it means to ‘cover’ and ‘eclipse’. But far from meaning something that is shrouded or hidden, it pertains to the fact that we are forever enveloped by God’s eternal love and this is the one and same love that lives and breathes within us all. It is who we are, our true home – our most natural place to be (dwell). However, because for the most part we live in separation to such love and thus made the very essence of our being something that feels foreign or unfamiliar, we have deliberately misconstrued, twisted and contorted the meaning of the word ‘occult’ to mean the exact opposite, and something we cannot reach, access, touch, breathe, smell and know for ourselves in a very real and tangible way.

Put simply, the word Occult means the culture of God and so it is no accident here that we have derived the word ‘cult’ from ‘culture’ and used it as a term to describe darkness (sorcery, voodoo, black magic, devil worship etc.) instead of light (God’s love).

As a result we either fear what we deem to be ‘occult’ (but is not in any way occult) or we ridicule and dismiss it. Either way, we do not allow ourselves to feel the exquisiteness of our connection to divinity and instead accept these deliberately obscured meanings so that we are kept in the darkness of our chosen ignorance – the ‘son of man’ refusing to be the Son of God we truly are, when all the while we have absolute godliness at the core of our being that can be reconnected to at any time.

"The true meaning of the word ‘occult’ is in complete contrast to the grossly erroneous conception, reference, inference and or direct claim that the word ‘occult’ is in any way associated with evil or witches, warlocks, ‘black magic’ or harm etc in any way. The word ‘Occult’ means the culture of God or the way of God. When the true meaning of the word occult is known to many more, and eventually by the majority, it will be found why it is so desirable to have it in its bastardised meaning by those who so desire it to the point of insisting that they are right and that there is no other meaning. For ‘them’, there is much to explain once the true meaning is more widely known … a meaning that unites all by a one common truth."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, ed 1, p 58

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Liane Mandalis and Nicola Lessing

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