Co-Creation, Divine Creation and Creation

Co-Creation, Divine Creation and Creation


We live in an ocean of energy that can only come from one of two sources – all that is love OR, all that is not love.

Our Soul expresses all that is of true Love, and our spirit expresses all that is not love.

Our spirit is deeply addicted to a form of separation, recognition and identification known as creation. We (when expressing from our spirit) identify with being 'individual' and think that we are 'the one' that is doing and saying things. For example we like to think we are a success or a failure, a great parent or a bad parent, rich or poor or someone in the middle, good at our job, a rebel, athletic, fat, beautiful, disabled, clever, average or whatever is our flavour of the month.

We think that we are better or worse than a murderer, refugee, president, film star, member of this religion or sports team or nation and so forth. We get caught up in the day to day existence of our lives, emotions, behaviours and beliefs.

The Truth is that we are ALL equal. That we were all breathed forth from the same source and will eventually all return to that source as ONE. This is the one thing the spirit does not want to think, live or experience for that would be the 'death' (dissolution) of the spirit as it knows itself - the individual existence.

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Creation, Co-creation and who is doing what?

The difference in living as part of the whole or being in it for self.

"We are always in Co-creation – in Co-creation with separation, or, and never both, in Co-creation with the Universe, God. Not a single breath, act or word escapes this fact. It is you that is constantly choosing which of the only two will pass through you. And thereafter, you will be all that passes through you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume II, p 173


As Love is the essence of who we ALL truly are it can be said that our natural 'resting' state is one of Soulful Co-creation – a continual expansion of all that already is.

That is, when we are not imposed upon or influenced, seduced or coerced in any way to pull away from this divine love – our Soul – we are free to naturally express the love that we are. However, when we do pull away or withdraw from this, we create a way of living that is not true to this Divine core of our being. This is known as the 'force of creation' – that which we (our spirit) constantly creates to resist returning to the great love (Soul) that we are and have separated from.

We could say that, ironically – the human etheric spirit un-gods itself to 'play God', so it can then create like a god, so as not to Co-create with God.

"We live in an ocean of co-creation but we keep creating – if everybody would stop and live every day in a way that supports the co-creation, there would only be Love."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 272

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How co-creation was destroyed

We understand movement greater than anything else and have the ability to use Will to move either in true movement in co-creation with the All we come from or to create a different vibrational movement that keeps us individuated and separate.

Then there is all that has been Divinely created by God. This includes all we can see in physical form in the realm of the life we live within – the stars, the planets, earth, trees, animals, plants, rivers, oceans and most importantly for us, our body – the physical form we are enhoused within.

So to keep it simple we could say that:

  • The part of us that is our Soul is governed by the force of Co-creationFire
  • The part of us that is our spirit is governed by the force of creation – astral energy
  • Our physical form is governed by the force of Divine creationprana

"To create is to make all that is desired, needed or wanted from an impulse that is in separation to the Divine we are from. Hence, all that is 'created' will assist the separation, that is, foster that which is separated to remain and thus be confirmed and aided to sustain the separation. (This is the unseen but experienced set-up)

To Co-create is to express forth from the Soul or the Divine Fiery-Impulse. What is Co-created will always assist in confirming that we are indeed and by energetic fact Divine, as it will assist in confirming the fact of our unchangeable Divineness by virtue of our energetically impulsed choices, which collectively, will always lead to evolving us further."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 485

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Creation, Co-creation and Divine Creation

Have you ever heard words like heaven, hell, shamballa, shadows, underworld, middle earth etc and wondered if these were all different planes of life and where they are? Find out more about the world and the planes of life we reside on.

"We either create or Co-create with every single breath that we take. And therefore, all of our expressions, be it speaking, reasoning, making sounds, playing music, writing, walking, art, doing business or anything we build etc, will all either be creation, thus adding to the field of creation, or it will be an expression that holds the energy of Co-creation and hence adding, or more accurately, expanding what is already all there and truly belonging to the Universe."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, p 72

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Nicola Lessing and Liane Mandalis.

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