The Battle for the Body – Part 2: Male versus Female

The battle for the body – part 2: male versus female

The Battle for the Body – Part 2: Male versus Female

As humans, within our physical form we have two bodies of expressing light. Our Soul is our true self.

It is a great body of love that has been breathed forth by God and forever remains connected to Heaven deep within our inner-heart, no matter what ill pursuits, behaviours, thoughts and emotions we may choose to get caught up in and layer over the top. When we express in connection with our Soul, we are on our way to developing a full embodiment of our Soul and thus, to truly express as a fully claimed Son of God.

We also have a body of lesser light known as the human spirit that is the separated aspect of this divine light. It is the part that ‘walked away’ from the love of the Soul and thus will seek anything and everything but the love it separated from to keep itself identified in its chosen separated and love-less state. When we express through our spirit, we are choosing to express in a vastly reduced way as a mere fragment of the glorious whole we naturally are when we are with Soul. Esoterically, this expression is referred to as the ‘son of man’ because we are choosing to express in disconnection from God in a purely temporal sense and far less than the true majesty we are when we express divinity through our physical form.

Our spirit has a lot to answer for. We are so much more than this first layer of light that we feel. Yet many of us have become so intoxicated by the relief we feel when we sense we are more than just physical 3rd dimensional beings, that we have unwisely stopped short of our full glory here. Enter the spiritual new age and all that seeks to keep us expressing at its 4th dimensional level, and thus keep us from going anywhere near the truth, depth and beauty we are capable of when we allow ourselves to re-connect to our 5th dimensional true selves – our Soul. Esoterically speaking, the plunge into such ill foray is the deeply misguided journey of the ‘wayward one’. Our task here on Earth is to arrest such waywardness – the love-less momentum that has kept us bound and expressing less than our true self. Since ancient times, the path of the true esoteric student has been, and still is, to re-learn how to live in such a way that we are able to re-connect with our Soul and render the wayward spirit naught.

Our Soul is genderless, or more so it is the harmonious expression of both the Femaleness and Maleness – the In-Breath and Out-Breath of God. This is why occultly speaking it is said of God that ‘He is a She before He can be’. This in itself exposes the evil in the erroneous teaching that Eve was fashioned out of Adam’s rib. We could say that this is where the war on women first began. The She before the He simply means that before we breathe out (express forth in motion), we must first breathe in (be connected to Stillness). Common sense tells us this is true. Femaleness is the in-breath of God – it is the quality of living Stillness instilled within us all. When we connect to this first we are then able to move in and with this quality so that our out-breath (Maleness/motion) contains the same light as our in-breath (Femaleness/stillness) in equal measure. This is Stillness in Motion. It is not an arrested state of movement but more so a natural expression of the Soul who only knows to breathe in perfect harmony with the Divine impulse of the Universe and in unison with the Divine order it knows we are an innate part of. This is why it is said in the esoteric teachings that Femaleness restores the balance that will lead to Heaven on Earth. This is true union – the balanced breath, the marriage of the sexes, both expressions in harmony, regardless of the gender of the physical form the Soul may be presently incarnated in.

"The sons will know themselves as the living sons when the femaleness within is first known and lived."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 526

But we on Earth have got it all so very wrong . . .

We have made this union about duality. For centuries we have pitched ourselves against each other, the women versus the men, the men versus the women. Matriarchies rise, patriarchies fall only to see that the men ‘get their own back’ and rise to dominate ‘the women’ all over again. Over and over we play this out, all under the illusion that it is ‘us versus them’, no matter that we reincarnate thousands of times into thousands of bodies, sometimes as a male and sometimes as a female. How nuts is that? Yes, the illusion looks absurd when we step back and allow ourselves to not be caught in it, but while we are immersed and preoccupied in what Alice A. Bailey referred to as ‘the tiny lives of men’, we are blinded and driven by this quest to be ‘bigger and better’ and to out-do each other (excess male energy) and thus lost in this web of seeming complexity, the ‘war of the genders’ begins and the battle for the body continues.

This is why evil seeks to reduce truth to mere fragments so that we lose sight of the whole and forget the innate truth that the Universe is not based on complexity, chaos and disorder. It is based on simplicity, precision and order. You cannot marvel at the geometric beauty and symmetry of a spider’s web if you are caught in it. When we observe and don’t absorb the Illusion, the Divine order is never masked from the all-seeing eye.

Thus, it is time as a humanity that we arise back to the whole energetic truth that speaks within us all. It is not that the female form is closer to divinity than the male form – we are all the equal Sons of God, regardless of gender. It is simply that a woman’s body carries the leading impulse for Stillness and is therefore responsible for bringing Sacredness into form for the true benefit and thus evolution for our entire race. Esoterically it is known that within her cervix lays the key for others to access this quality of Sacredness, first as a point of her own re-connection and from there all parts of her expression and livingness thereafter are carrying this quality. Hence, her entire reproductive system is held first and foremost by this quality; the Sacredness that belongs equally to every person and thus beholds all in the true love of God in order to assist our return (evolution) to who we truly are. We could say that she is the living crucible through which this alchemy can occur, her cervix acting as the chalice through which the transmutation of Earth (denseness) back to Heaven (light/gold) is made possible. Quite simply, we as women hold within our bodies the ability to help others evolve back to the love that we all are, but departed from long ago.

This gives us a clue as to why women’s bodies have been physically vilified, tortured, persecuted, as well as laden with poisonous imposts such as erroneous ideals and beliefs about who a woman should and shouldn’t be, all because a woman’s relationship to her own body means everything because it holds a quality that allows her to accelerate others.

"The woman’s breasts are not sexual objects. The woman’s breasts are not feeders for the young. A woman’s breasts belong to the woman – they can be used sexually or they can be used to feed the young, but they must come back to the woman as they belong to the woman. Women must be enriched by their own body parts – otherwise the breasts become objects they use for everyone else but themselves."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 521

This is an ancient teaching of the Ageless Wisdom once again being made readily accessible in its revelation for humanity courtesy of Natalie Benhayon, a woman who embodies this living Stillness.

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Sacredness and the responsibility of women’s bodies

The sacredness of a woman’s body, the responsibility of this and what it means in everyday life.

This truth was taught in ancient times and is still a truth today except that it becomes very hard to hear when our ears have been attuned to all that is not true and that we are fed as to what it means to be a woman in the now 21st century.

Instead of appreciating, honouring and confirming what we already have deep within, we are taught to look out, to compare, to judge, to pitch ourselves against each other according to the external ideals and beliefs of a consciousness that seeks to keep us in separation from God, fuelled by the lack of self-worth of the love-starved human spirit. Instead of being educated at an early age to understand this incredible responsibility we hold as women and to honour our divine preciousness – our connection with our cervix and the sacred vessels our bodies in-truth are – we are instead taught that our female anatomy is to be used only in the purely temporal sense for the acts of sex, birth, menstruation and urination. While these are all functions the female body is capable of performing, it falls far short of our true role of supporting humanity to return to our natural Soul-full expression.

These ageless and ancient esoteric and occult teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon, a dynamite Heaven-sent father and daughter duo, help us to peer beneath the curtain of what keeps us playing so small. Actually, such revelations remove the curtain entirely! Modalities such as Esoteric Breast Massage offered by Universal Medicine allow women to reclaim their bodies and reconnect to the sacredness within them, such as in the case of re-igniting the ‘light of nurturing’ to a woman’s breasts so that truth can thus be restored for all. These modalities are a guide and a marker for all of humanity to steer us back on course to the love and light of the Soul, from the reckless and love-less way we have been living under the impulse of the human spirit.

"The breasts cannot emanate the ‘light of nurturing’ if the woman is not self-nurturing. As a result of our women having to resort to a more male stimulated energy to get through what is demanded of them, and having to assume a more male driven energy to simply win back some form of equality in society, they have lost their inner-instincts to self-nurture - thus the lack of true self-nurturing that now prevails in our world. If energetic truth is understood, it is not only the women who get directly affected by this ill way of being, but we all do as a result of the lack of this light being there, impulsing and inspiring us to be more self-loving."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 518

What Serge and Natalie are presenting, and showing us by virtue of their lived way, is that before we can love, nurture, and support another we need to re-learn how to love, nurture and support ourselves.

No rocket science there. After all, we cannot offer another an empty cup and expect them to be nourished by it. This is important because symbolically speaking, a woman’s cervix is a cup, a chalice so to speak. And – stop the press – the Holy Grail is not lost in some far off mythical land, it lives within the body of every single female here on Earth, just waiting to be re-connected to and re-ignited in service once more!

And so if we are to truly arrest the waywardness we have come to live here on Earth then we need to be willing to take a very honest look at what the true role of the female is and understand that we as women are living so very far from the Divine truth we each are in essence. And because we are shirking this responsibility, we are partly responsible for men being unable to live their innate divinity too.

As women, since time began we have been deliberately influenced to play small and live as ‘empty vessels’ because we have allowed ourselves to become so lost in all that has been imposed on us – and are so caught up in the ‘war’ of the sexes and driven by excess male energy – that we have forgotten exactly who we are.

That is, in an effort to ‘keep up’ and be seen as equal in society’s eyes with the men, women are going into excessive motion (male energy) without taking the necessary in-breath (female energy) by way of truly nurturing ourselves first. Our world is riddled with excess motion and we as its inhabitants have crafted a way of living where we are constantly struggling to do, do, do and prove how much we can do in this doing, that we have forsaken our entire way of truly being. As a simple analogy, there are only so many times we can breathe out without breathing in until we lose oxygen and drop. This is what we are doing en masse – we are collectively hyperventilating as a humanity and it is a crisis that far exceeds the plagues of times past if our current rates of exhaustion, illness and disease are anything to go by.

This is why now, in the 21st century, we have the alarming situation where the women are trying to out-male the men, even though it goes against our Divine design and God given breath to do so. It is this lack of true nurturing that Serge Benhayon presents as the energetic root cause of breast cancer that is so prevalent in women today. And it is the excessive male energy that women are in that is a contributing energetic cause behind the many cases of ovarian cancer, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis etc. Suffice to say that our bodies are bearing the toll of centuries of ill-guided behaviours that seek to reduce the female form to pure function and introduce into it a breath that cannot be sustained, rather than re-instate the true nurturing role of the female which is to bring ‘formlessness into form’, Heaven down into Earth – a birthing in the energetic and truest sense.

This is the wake-up call to humanity that Serge Benhayon offers, never shying away from the energetic truth no matter how unsettling this may be to hear. A quick look at current global women’s health statistics shows us that the health of women is plummeting as a result of this constant drive and we cannot afford to not listen for much longer.

Serge Benhayon’s teachings (and those of many others that have come before) have been twisted, distorted, misconstrued and outright lied about so as to create an alarmist reaction aimed to steer humanity away from what we are essentially and irrevocably returning to. Such ill seeded thoughts and actions have sought to undermine the work of the true Son (both male and female working together) earthing the Divine. Reducing what has been presented, an offering of the restoration of the Divine feminine to its central place in humanity’s evolution is just the next chapter in a long line of predictable evil, a centuries old avenue of persecution aimed to reduce, if not obliterate, the expression of the true female and thus us all, and further delay humanity’s return to Soul, the Kingdom of God that lives and breathes within us all.

"The so-called ‘V’ in the ‘Last Supper’ painting is simply the occult and esoteric symbol for the Femaleness. It is a living form of energy that all mankind must attain. This V-formed energy centre or tri-star point, exists in both men and women and it is the energetic point that balances mankind into God’s Femaleness. The Goddess or Femaleness energy will restore the Divine balance on Earth because man has been in motion or male energy, for too long."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 519

We all know that the deepest shadow is cast by the brightest light. Yet a shadow can only be created if something moves in front of this light.

There are no shadows in Heaven. This is so for the simple reason that in our natural and Soul-full state, the human spirit stands at One with and infused by the light of the Soul and not in opposition to it. Therefore, it is our resistant spirit that attempts to block the light of our Soul, thereby creating the shadows in which we dwell that veil us from the truth of all things. And so it stands that for as long as we allow the wayward spirit to control this plane of life, the more it will be that when we show the world who we truly are (our light and our love), the more force that is required to offset it.

If we understand this then we understand that these attacks have been and will always be there until such a time that we all arise together back to our former Soul-full state. However, they do naught to change the simple truth, that each and every one of us, both male and female, holds within us the key to restoring true balance and equality of the genders (the Logoic breath) in the truest sense. And as women we have the responsibility to lead the way and acknowledge that a woman’s body serves as a divine vessel that helps restore the Light of God upon this darkened plane – the ‘darkness’ here simply referring to the veil of illusion we choose to live under when we give the spirit the upper hand and do not allow ourselves to re-connect to the love and wisdom of the Universe and God that is held deep within the inner-heart of each and every one of us.

And so regardless of what moves in to obscure it, the truth remains ––

Through Femaleness, Maleness is restored and when both expressions are in harmony, God is known as both She and He. And thus the world will know that in-truth there is no division between male/female, Heaven/Earth, Soul/spirit, and that such seeming duality exists only to show us our path of separation until such a time as we can balance these two seeming opposite expressions and know the truth in Hermes' words: 'As is above, So too is below'. That is, we as human spirits will collectively return to our true home; the light and the love of our Soul, lived in and through our physical earthly bodies.

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