Exhaustion a modern day plague

Exhaustion a modern day plague

Our June Audio of the Month explains why exhaustion is a major health issue in society today and that caffeine and stimulants are at an all-time high. Why has exhaustion become the norm? Could we be falsely propping our bodies up in order to be “functional” but achieving it at an expense to our body?

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Exhaustion – a modern day plague

If we are feeling exhausted at the end of the day, how we do what we do in our day may be the reason why.

"No other creature will destroy or show the same contempt to the body it lives in or the environment it needs to live in and from. Yet we human beings will overeat, inhale smoke into our lungs, drink as well as eat what is not right for us, whilst we also run the body into exhaustion and overwhelm. We have a system or way of life that is oppressing on/to our vital health if not directly attacking it. And yes, we have solutions to all of that, but only after the fact and because we have the ills and the problems in the first place and not as a form of prevention. So why not address the root causes once and for all?"

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 51

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