Sugar – A quick fix for exhaustion. Or is it?

Sugar – A quick fix for exhaustion. Or Is It?

Sugar – A quick fix for exhaustion. Or is it?

Are you feeling tired all the time?

Do you even wake up feeling tired?

It looks like nearly everyone is out of energy and true vitality these days. The whole world appears to be in a state of exhaustion.

Our energy levels are sinking from day-to-day and yet resting, sleeping, relaxing and even holidays no longer give us the feeling of being fully recovered.

It would be worth looking at the cause of our extreme fatigue if resting, relaxing and sleeping is not helping, but instead we go searching for something to get us on the road again – to get us through our day ...

Sugar – What kind of energy do we get?

Carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta, pizza or bread are very quickly transformed into sugar in our body, and after eating these foods – despite a full belly – we are often still searching for something more!

Energy drinks offer us a quick fix, or ‘energy boost’, and sweet foods appear to give us more energy. And they do. After having these sweets, we are quickly ‘on the road’ again – but where does this road lead?

  • Yes, we feel energised for a short while – but what kind of energy is it that we are in?
  • When we eat sugar do we not get racy, quickened and agitated?
  • When eating sugar we ‘hit’ or ‘boost’ the nervous and adrenaline system (which is supposed to be our ‘fight or flight’ mechanism needed in case of emergencies) and we actually use the ‘fight or flight’ to fuel our everyday activities.
  • But does it truly work? Are we not tired again shortly after, needing more sugar to pick us up again?

From our body’s perspective this makes total sense. Sugar gives us a quick, tsunami-style rise and fall of blood sugar (and energy) that brings a dis-harmony to our body, actually leaving us feeling more exhausted than before. So we get into an endless spiral of tiredness and cravings for more sweet food that leaves us in a cycle of sugar addiction.

For many, life has become about getting through the day, coping and functioning and not about living with true vitality enjoying our busy days.

We can be very good at functioning in life – but feel totally empty inside.

We are all looking for true vitality, but by eating sugar we put stress on our body and this results in us feeling more exhausted due to the physiological effects it has – that doesn’t make any sense!

So it is not just a question of how to get more energy, the question is: What sort of energy?

Sugar is simply a ‘band aid’ for our exhaustion, a quick fix that perpetuates the cycle of exhaustion, leading us to seek more sugar and on it goes ...

A very wise man once said:

"We cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.“ ~ Albert Einstein

Or, in this case, we cannot solve our exhaustion by consuming sugary foods and drinks that further deplete the body – leading to more exhaustion!

Albert Einstein also spoke about the fact that the meaning of life is not to be a successful human but a precious one. We could go on and say that:

If we claim and reconnect with the fact that we are precious – then perhaps the answer to our exhaustion may lie in connecting with that preciousness, rather than looking for that ‘quick fix’ that in-truth does not work.

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  • By Sandra Schneider, Licensed Therapist, Counsellor, Field Agent & Natural Cosmetic Store Manager

    I love to express (dance, write, cook, sing, organise) under the purpose of joy and playfulness. While I am focusing to keep simple I do not hold back, but go for the depth of truth and call you in your potential.

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