Knowledge cannot be for one person

Knowledge cannot be for one person

There is an important difference between knowledge and information – do you know what it is? Find out more in this short audio.

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Knowledge cannot be for one person

Understanding the difference between knowledge and information.

"There is a grander and far vaster version of who we truly are. A truth or way of being that supersedes even the highest known forms of so-called well-being and or fitness and even what we think is wise, intelligent or intelligence itself. There is a stupendous, already known bottom-less well of knowledge and wisdom that is eternally there, awaiting to be called-on should one choose it, and from there, be prepared to do what it takes to live its non-instructional impulse and its serving way. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume II, ed 1, p 17

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