What exactly is the Livingness?

What exactly is the Livingness?

Our October 2015 audio of the month is about how we are the creators of our everyday way of being. As children we are walking gems, feel things clearly and say amazing things. As we get older we dull down our feelings and expression. This audio reveals how we can reawaken the connection we had when we were young.

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What exactly is The Livingness

Returning to our true essence that we felt as a child and how living from that quality creates a way of being.

"The Livingness is simply you living the real you in a world that has yet to allow this to be. It all begins with you choosing to be the real you and not what life has made you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 396

Further Reading and Listening

More articles about The Livingness can be found at the Unimed Living Livingness Sphere. These include people sharing their stories of what The Livingness means to them and some amazing before and after photos of people who have embraced this way of life.

Article not found provides another free audio and more quotes on the Livingness.

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