A day with Serge Benhayon

When spending any length of time with Serge Benhayon what becomes evidently clear and obvious, is the endless supply of energy this man has to draw from in order to tend to, manage, oversee and direct the responsibilities that come with his line of work. This day to day biography of Serge Benhayon reveals the inspiring depth and detail of care that he expresses in all his responsibilities in each and every part of his work or life in general.

When discussing the many projects and work Serge is engaged in on any given day one can be excused for possibly being somewhat overwhelmed by the many and vast responsibilities this one man holds. Responsibilities such as the engagement in the very successful professional healing practice he directs and consults from together with numerous other professional practitioners, to the enormous and dedicated service to the community that he has offered publicly for nearly 17 years – delivering presentations and courses two weekends each month in Australia and twice yearly in Europe.

Furthermore there are his services and support through email communication and consultation to his clients and students every day of the year with very few exceptions. This service can indeed be referred to as true service, for it is a purely voluntary support answering up to 200 plus emails per day.

Add to this the ten published books Serge has written in the early morning hours, with another three currently in production. He also is the founder of no less than seven very successful healing modalities to date. He is the founder, manager and director of Universal Medicine, as well as being involved in countless other projects in collaboration with many other professionals. And most recently he was acting as building manager for the Lecture Hall project.

And not to forget he is also a husband, father of four adult children, now with two grandchildren – all roles he gives no less than his all to.

With all this in mind one starts to get a small insight into the level of commitment this man has and lives each day

With so many commitments and being involved in so many active projects, one must ask the first obvious question:

  • How does one man do it all?
  • Where does he find the time to work in so many areas and with such a high degree of consistent quality?
  • Further, how does he cope with that enormous workload, and does this have an effect / impact on any other areas of his life or relationships?
  • But wait – there is no caffeine at all or any sugar in his diet. He does not snack during the day and mostly eats only one meal per day.

This is where things get interesting.

After spending time with Serge Benhayon one can clearly feel and observe that the way he lives is what allows the space for him to be present, so engaged with all the projects and yet still continually re-energised – which in turn further supports him with all that he does rather than the drain most of us experience life and work to be.

Also, and very worthy if not key to this citation, is the quality of energy he lives, the steadiness and the consistency are second to none. There is also the complete absence of any mood swings, fluctuations or dips, rather a constant committed state of being that is joyful, balanced, focussed, supportive, caring, encouraging and extremely patient, without the usual stress or overwhelm.

We must ask again – how is this possible?

Serge has a uniquely attuned rhythm that whilst ordinary and normal to him, is actually quite extraordinary to most. Serge only sleeps 3-4 hours per night, waking up naturally, not reliant upon any alarms other than that of his natural body clock. He is not by any means lacking sleep, or suffering from any sleep condition, for his quality and ease of sleeping are extremely sound. However, for him the 3-4 hours, sometimes 5 is all that is needed. In that time he is completely revitalised and regenerated for the next day’s service and expression.

All of this may come across as a disciplined routine but it is not, for it is a rhythm and not a discipline at all. What we have come to observe is that he has learnt to honour his body and what is truly needed, but further, he has placed such focus on the quality of energy that he in fact is energised by. And this entails all that he does throughout the day; therefore needing less sleep as there is little to no draining taking place.

Serge is mostly in bed by 9pm. Again, this is not a rule he keeps or one that governs him, it is instead an honouring of all that he has lived in the day and equally of his body; an honouring that there is a natural completion of the day. In effect, he is complete with himself at the end of each day.

And so by one, sometimes two am, Serge is awake and can be found lovingly stationed at his desk writing his many books, and or the many documents he attends to. For Serge this time is considered sacred. He is attuned to know that it is a time where one’s energy is at its purest. As such, he regards and approaches it as meditative where there is no drive, deadlines, pressures, in short, it is purely a time of connection and thereafter, he knows the quality will flow.

Following on from his ‘book writing time’ Serge considers between 4-5am as the official start to his day, where his ‘other’ workload begins. Here he addresses and responds to the high number of emails, phone meetings and consults; making headway with and into the high volume of the demands on him as well as the many projects that are either his or him lending his time to help others.

Depending upon the particular day, with regard to appointments, meetings etc, his hours and working rhythm will continue at that same pace right throughout the day until 5pm. Making for an extremely productive and long day, Serge finds the right balance of work and productivity, whilst still being completely available, connected and making time for his large family, as well as also making the time to exercise whether it be regular walks with his wife and their dogs, or exercising in the gym. This is all a strong part of his weekly rhythm.

Serge and his wife Miranda have a deeply loving and harmonious relationship, which supports them and their entire family immeasurably on all levels. It is worth noting that the quality of their relationship also enables them to live such rich and connected lives, and they consider themselves very blessed to work together and thus are able to spend a large portion of their day together. This for them is a tremendous support and a strong part of their daily rhythm as a couple. This is also clearly evident when spending time with and around them. They do not impose on each other nor weigh each other down and frequently make the time throughout their day to connect, being loving and silly whilst attending to all that needs to be done.

It is not unusual to find Serge and Miranda sitting down sharing a herbal tea together after a busy morning of work, this is considered breakfast for Serge these days. They joke with themselves that 8am is midday and by 5pm it is midnight.

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  • By Miranda Benhayon