The deepest form of prison

The deepest form of prison

We have chosen an audio about choice for our September Audio of the Month!

It is empowering to know just how much we are affected by our choices and therefore are not simply victims at the mercy of accidents and incidents. We make choices all the time even when we might think we are not making a choice, we are choosing to not make a choice. The quality and way we live, walk, talk… everything is a choice and everything has a consequence. Listening to this audio and finding out more is a very worthwhile choice.

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The deepest form of prison

Our choices can be freeing or imprisoning – with every choice there is a consequence.

"You are you not because of anything, but because of your choices."

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 275

Further Reading and Listening

In this amusing and informative video Caroline Raphael who works as a psychologist shares her experience and talks about the choices we make and looks at why we make choices that are not good for us.

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This short article provides us with a very simple tool to support us in making healthy food choices.

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