Sex appeal of beautiful mature women – what exactly does that look like?!

Sex Appeal! ... Of Beautiful Mature Women, what exactly does that look like?!

Sex appeal of beautiful mature women – what exactly does that look like?!

It is widely reported in the media that women often fear the onset of menopause – considering it to be the start of a slippery downhill slope into old age and obscurity – and with that automatically goes the loss of the sex appeal of otherwise beautiful mature women. This can be particularly painful for women to contemplate: the loss of their physical beauty and with that their desirability.

But why is it that physical youthfulness is considered the most desirable state? Why is it that so many of us have made just one cycle of life the be-all and end-all? After all, there are many active, healthy and engaged years left for menopausal or post-menopausal women.

Ageing gracefully – inspiration for ALL women

It’s interesting to consider this in more depth. Could it not be that a woman might have something different to offer as she gets older? Yes, she might have a few wrinkles, her body not so firm and perhaps her libido is not as resilient as in her younger years.

But have you ever really looked deeply at and felt an older woman? There is a sense of something rich, mature and possibly deep that can emanate through her body, a quality that is attractive in and of itself.

And isn’t this something which is being overlooked, or denied, and certainly undervalued in our societies today? And could it even be that we as humanity, in our western cultures at least, have actually been robbed of a beautiful heritage that has much to offer and be inspired by? I am offering here the image of the aging gracefully, sexy older woman as something that is desirable, something that younger women might even aspire to and look forward to being one day – beautiful mature women.

But we can’t put the blame outside ourselves either. As mature women we ourselves are often at fault here too. We can too readily cave in to society’s messages, instead of taking responsibility for the women we are and the beauty and wisdom we have inside. So what does it look like not to do this?

This is the mature woman who is at home in her body; she knows who she is because she has connected with her inner beauty or quality. This ease and depth shines through her, sparkling at times and at other times steady, still and serene and often powerful. And yet she is just an ordinary woman; you will see her at the supermarket, driving her car, at work or with the family. There is something noticeably different about her though… which can be felt – a gracefulness perhaps? Or even a sex appeal that has nothing to do with hormones.

The secret of successful ageing

This mature beautiful woman is not trying. She is not trying to be what she no longer is, ten years younger with the looks and body of her younger self – although she is not drab or dowdy. No way. And she may well have the figure of her younger self, because she has:

  • Not given up on herself.
  • Not accepted the false mantle of age that she is no longer sexy – she knows and feels she is.
  • Little need for outer validation or attention.

  • COMMITMENT – one word that might be useful in any ‘Beauty Tip’ for the woman over 50.

  • Committing to being the truth of herself in not accepting the bombardments that surround her in the modern world, all screaming the message: 'It is not okay to be older'; 'It is not okay to be you as you now are'; 'Try this or that to make it different'.
  • Making the time to really get to know herself and her body and then taking tender care of herself.
  • Knowing that she is precious and that before she can give to others, she must give to herself with no guilt. This would include simple things like eating what supports her and what sort of exercise and rest she needs.
  • Undertaking an ongoing and honest appraisal of her life and her relationships, and being willing to gain more insight into those areas.
  • Appreciation. This woman truly appreciates herself and enjoys her body. She makes time, it might even be in moments, to feel the quality she is, whatever that might be for her. This is not a mental appreciation, but a stopping to acknowledge a subtle sense we as women can feel within; a sense of something very lovely about ourselves. If we allow all this to expand, by pausing to connect with it throughout our busy days, it can bring a wonderful sense of ease within ourselves that puts a sparkle in our eyes and a joy in our steps that emanates out to those who are able to perceive it.

And isn’t this the true sex appeal of beautiful mature women? Something that is not exactly tangible but nevertheless a quality to inspire women of all ages.

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How love really works

True love is a livingness and a way of being with ourselves. All we need to do is to let our guard down and we are love and then everything we do is from love.

"When a woman goes into elder energy, she becomes even more deeply beautiful, a grace that is hard to not notice."

Serge Benhayon from 'The Menopause Explained' presentation

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  • By Josephine Bell, Cert IV Massage, Certificate Counselling, Cert III Children’s Services

    Mature woman, partner, friend, writer, editor, lover of the ancient wisdom, people and nature. My particular interest long-term has been women’s health and wellbeing, and what it is to live as a true woman in the world today.