‘Sexy Supermodels’ – reflections of a woman’s true inner beauty?

Sexy Supermodels! Strike a pose, how much do you allow of your true beauty to be seen?

‘Sexy Supermodels’ – reflections of a woman’s true inner beauty?

Recently I saw an image of a gorgeous looking friend and ex-model, and appreciated the fact of a very good-looking woman in a sexy pose but at the same time holding back, as if she were behind something, an invisible layer.

Her clearly visible beauty was not quite communicating or encapsulating the embodiment of the fuller beauty that lay within, meaning only a fraction of her goldenness was being captured.

Sara Williams

I started to think about other models or ‘sexy supermodels’ and reflect on how much of their beauty we get to see being communicated in these advertised images of women, ie. are they showing-off ALL their beauty or does it get cut short and cease at ‘the look’ to show us no more? Hmm, so are the women, models or even sexy supermodels who advertise the products and services we consume and who later become the role models we try to emulate, true reflections of a woman’s inner beauty?

There is an abundant amount of true beauty within us all, but why is it that we don’t always get to see that fullness or essence – what’s stopping us?

In these images we see similar poses to those some sexy super models might pull, but the communication is quite different. We can see that this beauty shows-off warm, full confidence because it’s already confidently owned by the woman herself and not the photographer, advertiser or marketer. These women are free from wanting or needing attention, fame, notoriety, acceptance, belonging, desirability or anything outside of themselves to identify their good looks. These women are themselves. Natural. Fun. Gorgeous. True sexy, not sexualised.

Natalie Benhayon on Truly Sexy

Instead of giving rise to comparison or jealousy from striking the ‘perfect look’, and therefore being the ‘perfect woman’, who is desired, desirable, and worthy of being with, these images inspire inclusiveness.

"We are responsible for reflecting all of what we are so that another can see more of that which they are."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 76

Adrienne Ryan

From these women’s buoyancy and deep joy evident in their faces, lines, gestures, poses and the way they hold their body, they offer us inspiration and depth of strength.

We’d love to be like her, not to change how we look or style our hair to be like theirs, but to be like her because the true inner beauty we see in the woman, we can feel is there also inside us too.

It is our essence.

60% Complete

Returning to your essence

Getting to know your essence is about understanding your breath. When you choose to breathe the yumminess of your own breath you can begin to feel and live full of yourself without needing anything else.

The inner beauty these women display and have is vibrant, active and lived.

Take a look at the stillness, depth of steadiness and absoluteness in her eyes. When we look at these women, do we not see the depth of simple true beauty communicating a quality and essence that is completely natural and assured, with a timeless and age-less divinity?

Women who are without need for the adoration by others and instead who adore themselves, enjoy CONTENTMENT and self-completion.

"That which is within you, maketh you so."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, p 361

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  • By Zofia Sharman, MA Communications Policy, BA Economics

    International Recruiter and Career Counselor who sets a living standard in work/life that observes: when it comes to a job or career direction our only direction is the one taken back to absolute truth.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd