Wellness Days at Work by students of Universal Medicine

Wellness days have been organised by students of Universal Medicine and the Way of the Livingness since October 2010 for different companies and organisations, not only in the local area of Northern NSW but also in Queensland, Victoria and other parts of NSW, and more recently in the UK and Vietnam as well.

The impulse for these events comes through personal contacts and students who feel how beneficial it is to offer the amazing benefits of the Esoteric Healing techniques to staff and colleagues at their workplaces.

Stress, exhaustion, a general weariness and lack of joy and commitment are common factors that people from all walks of life contend with on a daily basis. Being unhappy or feeling frustrated about work can be a terrible impasse for staff and a real problem for management.

These wellness day events offer participants an opportunity to take some time out, deeply relax, connect with themselves and their body and be genuinely nurtured.

The sessions are conducted at no charge to these organisations/companies and events have been as small as one or two volunteers in a small office to a team of up to 12 students of the Way of The Livingness coming together and giving free sessions for as many as 50+ staff.

Some organisations like it so much that they build a wellness day into their yearly event calendar.

Workplaces that have taken up the offer include community organisations, TAFE, universities, medical centres, local councils, schools, resorts and food outlets. Participants have been very generously expressing their appreciation for the deep level of care and the amazing connectedness with themselves that can be attained in just a short 20 - 30-minute session. People just look and feel different after an Esoteric Healing session and so does their workplace!

The Students of the Way of the Livingness offer an amazing service to others, and all without any strings attached or any expectation or investment in outcomes. Not only do they take time off work, they literally bring the kitchen sink to make these sessions as deeply nurturing and enjoyable as possible.

It all starts with the venue being checked out beforehand to make sure it can be heated in winter for example. On occasions, even towel warmers and radiators (together with tagged extension cords) are brought in so the staff gets the full benefit of a warm room and heated eye pillows.

And let us not forget all the paraphernalia that turns even a 20-minute mini-session into a nurturing experience and forever sets a mark and distinction between a ‘rub down’ and a deeply connecting experience for the participants: from the massage table to the towels, pillows and blankets, from tissues and oil to the body cream, from a stool to step up onto a trolley for easier transport of what’s needed! And where would we be without the volunteers who so generously lend their strong arms and support to help other practitioners set up and then pack up again.

Every Student of Universal Medicine who has been part of a team of volunteers organising these Wellness days can attest to this being an extraordinary experience: after the initial flurry of activity, the unknown of a new environment and question marks about consent forms and bookings, everything quickly settles into a very beautiful, steady and still rhythm of one session after another, one fellow human being followed by another. Just doing it and being there is all the reward one would ever want or wish for, it is that amazing!

  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd