An introduction to body connection and body awareness

An introduction to body connection and body awareness

In this experiential 2-part video we bring attention to how simply we can connect to our bodies, bringing awareness to how we stand, the way we sit and also the quality we move with through our day.

Part 1 – Standing

How often do we even feel the feet when we are walking? Bringing more focus to feeling the toes and the soles of the feet supports us to feel steady and present in the body.

Feeling the alignment of the hips, the balance from left to right, we often give little attention to this area of the body until maybe discomfort or pain calls us to be aware of it.

We then bring our focus to the spine, bringing the mind together with the body and gently lengthening the spine, which opens the chest and brings awareness to the shoulders, neck and head.

Bringing presence and awareness to our body posture enables us to stay connected and present with what we are doing, as well as highlighting any habitual posture that can lead to pain or discomfort. It is surprising the direct effect our posture has on our vitality.

Part 2 – Sitting

What effect does the way we sit have on how we feel? It actually has a big impact; it affects the way we think, feel, our attitude and energy levels too.

Enjoy experiencing the difference when we bring attention to the simple movements and adjustments of the feet, hips and spine while in a seated position.

Bringing awareness to our body posture at work, home and in fact everywhere supports us to feel alive, present and fully engaged with life and what is before us.

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  • By Vicky Geary, B.Bus (Accountancy), Dip.Yoga Teaching, Dip. Training & Assessment, Grad Dip. Childhood & Youth Studies

    Vicky has been working in private and public colleges in Australia for over 15 years and shares body awareness education with adults and young people. She combines learning and technology to make programs accessible and relatable to life.

  • By Victoria Picone

    A forever student of life and the grand universe we are a part of. I am a woman who is dedicated to true health and wellbeing, from the inside out. I love the ever-unfolding nature of life, the people in it, and nature’s beauty… reflecting our own.

  • Video: Clayton Lloyd