What do our quick fixes actually do to us?

What do our quick fixes actually do to us?

What do our quick fixes actually do to us?

What if all we do when we 'fix stuff' (i.e. just make symptoms go away) is just to bury and suppress what is really going on that needs addressing in our life?

Hmmmmm . . . A little bit scary??

Not really, because wouldn’t you rather not have the problems in the first place? And if we just keep on fixing them, don’t they just keep coming up again and again, perhaps in slightly different ways, and require another 'fix'?

If we’re tired, and putting up with pains and niggly discomforts in our bodies, or sometimes bigger problems, but just getting on with life anyway, is this really ok with us? Have we let this become normal in thinking there is no other option? Perhaps we can be asking ourselves . . .

Do our FIXES really work?

Our fixes might be choccy in the afternoons (or mornings!), that extra cup or two of coffee or tea to 'get through the day', the glass of something to 'take the edge off' at night, going for a hard run or slog at the gym when you’re stressed . . . aren’t all of these fixes?

What are we really looking for when we go for fixes?
Is it possible that we are actually admitting to ourselves
that things aren’t quite right?

Maybe they’re not that bad – as in – someone down the road or in someone else’s family or on TV always has it worse, but is it really all we thought it could be? Have we been sold a lemon???

  • Sometimes what we’re trying to fix might be a sore toe, or it might be something more painful, like a frozen shoulder, a really painful lower back, or a weak ankle.
  • Or it might be a tumour, or persistent nose bleeds, relationship problems, low self-esteem, anxiety or depression . . .
  • Or perhaps it is just super-tiredness . . . every day, or at least every afternoon. Hear those calls from the office, “Co-ff-eeeeeee!”

Whatever it is for us, what would it mean to find true healing?

Is there a way to stop the merry-go-round of temporary fixes and solutions?

What if there is a way of healing that does not ‘fix’, but rather founds its principles on a deeper knowing that our constant drive to seek ‘fixes’ stems from an innate feeling that something in life just doesn’t feel right.

Is it possible that all this stuff, in your body physically, or emotionally, or all this stress and anxiousness, or tiredness (whatever is going on) . . . is not occurring because of outside influences, or because we are fundamentally 'broken human beings', but rather it occurs because there is a deeper sense that we are not living the real us?

What if none of those ailments or issues is the real you? And what if you’ve simply got it going on because you haven’t been living as the real you?

A way of true healing then, as opposed to quick-fix-temporary-solutions could be to say simply that all you need to do is come back to a way of living that is based on the real and whole you.

What? ... is it really that simple?

Yes, what if it IS as simple as that?

Are we willing to at least consider the possibility that this might be worth looking at? If we are, then would it not be sensible to ask . . .

So if all that 'stuff' is because of the way that I have been living not the real me, then could it be that if I can change the way I’m living and return to it being from the real me, then all this stuff that I don’t like can truly change for good?


How do I know that is true?

No one is here to convince you of or tell you anything, but we can share with you what we, and many who have experienced the benefits of Sacred Esoteric Healing have found. And what we’ve found is simply this ...

It is well and truly worth going underneath all those things we try to fix and finding a deeper way of healing that brings You back to the Real You.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd