Esoteric Numerology

Imagine a world, where we all speak the same language, where there can be no mistaking the intended meaning of a given experience, where your purpose in life is clear and the steps you can take to achieve that purpose is laid before you.

When you consider that there are thousands of different languages in the world(1), the possibility of a common understanding seems nothing but a dream. With different dialects, different religious philosophies, different scientific assumptions and different cultural norms, we are finding societies becoming more knowledgeable but less connected and less harmonious.

Enter numbers and the fact they are the one constant and a universally accepted form of communication across the world. Many use numbers for accounting and mathematics, but numbers are far more than a means to count and calculate. Could numbers carry a deeper meaning beyond their numeric value, or said more accurately could they carry a vibration, that we either correspond with or wrestle against?

Everything carries an energetic vibration and numbers are no exception. Understanding numbers and the characteristics that they represent, as they are applied to life can also be a way of understanding a bigger picture.

When one considers the fact that lives are made up of numbers, (age, date of birth, the current year, even phone numbers) each aspect offers a window into understanding life on a deeper level.

In fact, of all the modalities founded and presented by Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Numerology is possibly the most intimate because, “Numbers arrive at a truth sooner than words".

Numbers have been well represented through the ages across all societies. Pythagoras unified the mathematical disciplines of the Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian and Essene sciences. These teachings were built upon and often used in secret because of resistance from those in power.

Why have we not devoted more energy to understanding the power of numbers, the one truly global language? Is there more at play here – do we like the separation that words bring and is the unifying nature of numbers considered a threat? Could numbers, through their true application, bring about the evolution we need as human beings to restore a sense of global understanding, even harmony?

Esoteric Numerology offers a different view of numbers and how this modality might be applied to life.

The core principles of Esoteric Numerology could be described as:

- There are no good or bad numbers: In Esoteric Numerology, the numbers are always advancing; constant evolution is the unalterable offering. Correspondingly, no one number is better than the other. Each number has its role to play and offers its own vibrational interpretation. In addition, we also have our own process of evolution and expression. As such, trying to construct an auspicious number, takes a teaching that is designed to unfold our understanding and responsibility and reduces it into a tool to try and get what we want.

- The numbers are about evolution: Esoteric Numerology, recognises that our lives on earth are a mere fragment of a much bigger universal picture; physical reality is not ignored it is enhanced by its greater dimensions. Our evolution is a journey of energetic awareness and responsibility; as such, the purpose of Esoteric Numerology is to support the understanding that while we have a practical life to attend to, we cannot ignore all of who we are, in truth.

- The numbers don’t predict anything: In Esoteric Numerology, we remain responsible for our choices at all times. Numbers provide an insight into situations and circumstances. Numbers don’t predict or guarantee an outcome.

- Esoteric Numerology is a relationship: Esoteric Numerology is not a static endeavour, it is not ‘painting by numbers’. By this time tomorrow some of the numbers influencing our lives will have changed. As such, Esoteric Numerology is not only about getting a ‘reading’ from someone, but also about developing a personal relationship of what the numbers might represent for our lives right now. Serge Benhayon has been presenting the Numerology courses for some years now and is in the process of writing a book to comprehensively cover those teachings. The courses offered can be found here and are held annually in the UK and Australia.

These courses teach many aspects of numerology – the interpretation of numbers, the application of those interpretations and the ability to read situations, through numbers, as part of the evolutionary cycle.

Numbers cannot lie – they represent the future.

For those interested in exploring life through the numbers.

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