Stand under a night sky in a rural area and you get a sense that we are part of something so much grander. Consider the distance from your home to the next town, or the next state, or the neighbouring country or the nearest continent. Then jump to the moon or even Mars and you begin to get a sense of the scale of what we are part of. Yet even that scale pales into insignificance when you consider that our one galaxy (The Milky Way) is part of the estimated two trillion galaxies that make up the so called ‘known’ universe that we are part of.

Some think this example is designed to make us feel small, but the reality is that it should make us feel huge, in that we are an intrinsic part of something much bigger. Regardless of our personal beliefs, we are very much part of something so immense that it is virtually beyond our imaginations.

Even at the most basic level of our bodies, our very particles are literally made from the same particles as the stars and the universe. This fact alone suggests that on some level we have a physical relationship to the universe around us. On an energetic level, that connection is even deeper and can be more keenly felt.

Enter The Science of Constellations – a way of relating to the universe and to the fact that we are more than just form and matter. The constellations have been used for centuries as a navigation tool, but the reality is that they can help us navigate far more than across land and oceans; they help us navigate our very own evolution.

Evolution in this context means our understanding that we are in fact more than just human form; that we are souls, who are re-learning how to return to a soul-full way of life, both on earth and beyond our physical incarnation. The fact is that we are far more than our careers, or our parenting roles, or our sporting prowess, or any other earthly talent. Our purpose on earth is to be souls first and then to configure life to honour this fact, rather than make our soul something we consider every other weekend or on special occasions.

The constellations are a daily reminder of this fact and, when studied, support us to build this awareness.

The most common way to explain how constellations support us is to equate the way the moon effects the tidal patterns with the fact that humans are eighty percent water. Just as the moon tugs and pulls on the oceans and rivers, so too does the rest of the universe tug and pull at our awareness, so that we might realise both the responsibility and power that we hold, to live a life that is more loving, more harmonious and ultimately more soul-full in all that we do.

We can use our freewill to fight against or ignore these tugs and pulls, but we are never not part of them; those energetic forces are forever present, equally so for all.

Humanity has misconstrued the constellations by assigning “star signs” to individuals and then using them to pigeon hole and identify people by nominated characteristics and traits of those star signs. For example, people saying, “I’m a Virgo or Scorpio” etc.

The reality is that we do not have a birth sign that influences our life from birth or from any other moment. We are in a relationship with all that makes up the universe; the stars, the planets, the moons, space, comets, meteors ... and this relationship is never ending and always changing.

Try walking under the light of the moon. You can duck, weave or go under cover, but you are never not being showered by its radiance. This connection also goes for all the stars that we can see and the ones beyond visibility. We cannot escape the emanation of a single celestial body, which means we have a relationship with all the constellations.

While there are many constellations, the twelve that have come to be known on earth as the Zodiac, originally came from The Esoteric Schools that taught the qualities of these constellations as they apply to all equally and their role in our evolution (being our return to soul).

The twelve constellations have since been re-interpreted and individualised by many, but Serge Benhayon has re-grounded the true meaning of those constellations that were originally presented by Heracles.