The Rays

Rays of Essence and Distinction

In many religious traditions, there is a common reference to God emanating light. In fact, much of the iconography and imagery of God tends to be replete with emanating strands of light.

But maybe ‘seeing the light’ is not about a moment of epiphany but rather coming to understand this light and how it relates to our lives in a real and practical way. From the outset, light is first and foremost an energy, which means it carries a certain vibrational quality. Different colours of light and different types of light carry varying vibrational qualities. As such, this, the Light of God, could also be considered first and foremost as Energy.

For those that have or are interested in developing their relationship with this light, it starts with the appreciation that the Light of God is not a “white light” that humans are encouraged to ‘walk towards”, but rather it is an emanation, a field of light that we are forever part of, surrounded by or interacting with.

As such, this emanation is a Light (an energetic quality) that we can correspond, interact, move and live with. This Light is not a directional force that imposes its will on others, but rather it is an ever-present, perpetual offering of love, joy, harmony and stillness. Each are offered in equal measures. The degree to which we respond to that light, is a matter of choice. As we go deeper and as we more fully accept that there is a bigger order at play, or to embrace the universality of life, we can further develop our intuition, intelligence and awareness.

The alternative offering ‘Prana’, whilst also Divine, is actually a much lower vibration of Divinity. The offering of prana can lead to exhaustion, denseness and disease in our physical bodies.

While some are still coming to terms with the possibility of God, these teachings of The Ageless Wisdom and this Unimed Living site takes this as a given, not from the point of view of a doctrine, but rather from a lived experience.

The pondering “if” God exists or not, is replaced by a deeper exploration into this Light of God. And so, we come to the topic of Rays.

The Rays are part of The Ageless Wisdom teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon. The Rays have their own lineages impulsed by previous high initiates; this presentation, provides context for a new era.

Hold a glass prism to the sun and something miraculous happens. A seemingly invisible beam of light becomes broken into seven distinct colours. Indeed, rather than this beam of white light being seen to be one “pure” colour it in fact contains the seven primary colours that, when blended, make up ALL the colours we experience in life.

Could it be the same for God’s Light? Could it be that this emanation is not just a seemingly pure beholding light that surrounds us all, but rather an interplay of seven different qualities of the same light?

There are indeed The Seven Rays (qualities of light) and each person lives under the impress of two of these rays. Long before there were psychometric profiles, these two rays presented the most fundamental way of understanding our own traits, strengths and personality types.

There are three Rays of Essence, and Four Rays of Distinction. We each live under a Ray of Essence and under a Ray of Distinction. Over lifetimes, we learn to master our Ray of Essence and all the Rays of Distinction, learning to live with and express their various qualities and attributes.

But why would this Light be separated in this way?

Maybe that is best described by this parable:

“Imagine there was a father with ultimate wealth and he began to see that some of his children were becoming more enamoured with the amount of material wealth they could accumulate. The ultimate goal for these children seemed to be about finding more ways to individualise themselves. The more individual they became, the more fights would break out between them. The jealousy, comparison and drive to protect what is ‘mine’ began to overshadow what might actually be achieved if the riches laid before them were shared.

This father, as wise as he was rich, knew that eventually this individualistic way of life would not work. Yet he gave his children the grace of their own learning. It was not always an easy way to learn and some lives were cut short through greed and jealousy and others lived long in material comfort and to the exclusion of others.

While some children cursed the father for allowing this descent into inequality and suffering to occur, others began to notice that the drive for individualism was something they had chosen. They realised that they had become so lost that they could not see that not only had they been given the wealth of the universe, but that each child had been imbued with a certain set of qualities that perfectly complemented each other and life itself.

Through the exploration of these qualities, the children began to realise that it was only by appreciating the qualities they and others had, that a real harmony and a real wealth could begin to be lived”

We are given the Rays of Light to better appreciate that life is not about our own individuality, but rather about learning that we are of and from the same one source. The white light is restored when the rays come to their full expression.

It is through the exploration of how each Ray is lived that we come to appreciate not only what we bring, but the fact that we need the equal expression of others to fully experience all of God’s Light.