St Germain – Philosopher, Alchemist, Scientist and true Seer.

(AKA The Master Rakoczi, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon)

The Earl or Count St Germain was supposedly born in 1710 and possibly died in 1784. However legend has it that both these dates are incorrect and no one really knows for sure.

The chronicle of Count St Germain’s life has many gaps and unexplained experiences. His 'death' in 1784 is still clouded in mystery, as there were many alleged sightings of him even up to the year 1935. Commentators often remarked that he seemed to forever look in his mid-forties, suggesting he never seemed to age.

It is the work of the Theosophists and Annie Besant that has frequently stated that the Comte de St Germain was one of the sons of Francis Rakoczi II, Prince of Transylvania. It is believed in some circles and or stated as a fact in others, that the Emperor of Austria brought up the children of Francis Rakoczi. One of the children, supposedly St Germain, was withdrawn from his guardianship and was moved to Italy, where St Germain was known to have been educated.

St Germain’s extensive travels covered Persia, most of Europe including the UK, Russia, Tibet, Turkey, India and parts of Africa.

He was also renowned for his Art, Politics, Science, History, Philosophy and Music. He was a prolific composer, having also worked with Tchaikovsky and was a brilliant violinist.

He flawlessly spoke Swedish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian and had a good knowledge of Sanskrit, Chinese and Arabic. It is important to note that amongst true esoteric students, St Germain is more commonly known as The Master Rakoczi, an Initiate who took his final initiation in the early to mid 20th century, subsequently arising to lead or head as the Chohan of the 7th Ray.

It is also known to the same corpus or ancestry of work that Rakoczi was Roger Bacon in an earlier incarnation and later as Francis Bacon, before being known across Europe as Comte de St Germain. This information can be mostly attributed to the great work of Alice A. Bailey and her collaboration with another Initiate by the name of Djwhal Khul, however earlier mention and other information can be traced to the true Theosophists and their time of activity.

With much of his ‘dignitary’ in mind, it may be why people spoke of their relationship with St Germain with wonder, given his deep knowledge of so many subjects and worldly experience, saying also that it seemed as if he had actually lived in generations past (their comments possibly being a recall of past lives with him). Even adversaries like Casanova acknowledged St Germain’s conversational skills. “More Legend than Man” he became known as “Der Wundermann” (The Wonderman).

He was never seen eating in public, making dining events opportunities to converse, usually only drinking a specially brewed senna tea.

The Theosophical Societies consider St Germain to be an Ascended Master (or, an Initiate who works under the auspices of The Lord of Civilisation, The Mahachohan).

He was considered to be “One of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived”.

The Count St Germain was thoroughly conversant with the principles of oriental esotericism – that is, to be in obeisance of the orders of higher powers.

Known as the Master of the 7th Ray, St Germain was sometimes referred to as the awakening Master of the Age of Aquarius (the current age).

As a Master of Alchemy he was renowned for his vast knowledge and diverse use of philosophy; captivating and impressing royalty and politicians throughout Europe, including a close friendship with Louis XV and his mistress Madam de Pompadour.

He was also a Seer of note, having predicted to Louis XVI, fifteen years before it happened, the French Revolution.

St Germain once said, “One needs to have studied the Pyramids, as I have studied”.

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