‘The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically’ – a book that inspires living our true selves.

On reflection regarding the book “The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically”, what immediately became apparent was the fact that there is a joy in the ageing process, as verified by most people’s writings.

But what has stood out for me more through the stories shared in this book is just how far we have all moved away from our true selves, and often it took an event – such an accident, an illness or a relationship issue – that seemed to bring everyone, as shared in the book and including myself, back to this realisation that there is more to life than our temporal existence.

What also was very clear was that as everyone healed the ‘what is not who they truly are within’, there was an increase of energy, they were better able to participate in life, more able to express clearly, felt a new level of energy despite their ageing process, and most of all felt a connection with the whole of humanity.

Given all these facts, who would not want to be more themselves in life, and more able to just be themselves without any emotional overload as to how they are truly feeling within.

This is the paramount experience that I gained from reading and re-reading “The Joy of Ageing” stories, as presented by people of all ages from their 50’s to their 80’s.

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  • By Mary Holmes, B.A. Distinction in Social Science, majoring in Sociology and Urban Studies.

    I have a keen awareness of Nature, Life and People. As I age I am developing and exploring my love of humanity, on a daily basis.