A book inspiring purpose-full living to our very last breath.

I came across The Joy of Ageing Esoterically last year and was so inspired by the elder women’s and men’s stories, aged from their 50s through to the 80s, that I purchased several more copies to give to dear friends.

Each and every story has a uniqueness and quality that reached out and offered me new insights into my own life. To feel the joy, zest, love and commitment they each have for life was glorious. It clearly showed to me how we all have the ability to turn our lives around, no matter our age or what we have experienced thus far.

I now realise that we indeed have a purpose, and a very important purpose at that.

I had been led to believe that we become useless, have nothing to offer and are pretty much just a burden on society as we enter our elder years.

This book turns that belief completely on its head; in fact it is imperative that we live fully and engage with life right up until our last breath!!

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  • By Annie Mack

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd