Space, God, Purpose and human existence

Space, God, Purpose and human existence

Space, God, Purpose and human existence

A human adult has approximately 7 octillion atoms, i.e. 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.[i] According to science, each atom is made up of approximately 99.999% space. We consider space to be empty but as it turns out, science is now discovering that most of our mass is given to us by the energetic activity within this so-called empty space.

If all space were removed from the human body the remaining mass would fit into a cube 1/500th of a centimetre each side, and the mass of the whole population of the planet would fit into a space the size of a sugar cube.

So science exploring quarks and vacuum fluctuations, gravitational waves, empty space and Higgs Boson particles, and more, is telling us that there is more to us, more to everything, much more than we can actually see; that the greatest energies are found within what we do not see and have great difficulty in fathoming. All of this further confirming that everything is energy and everything that happens in our universe is because of energy (first stated by Serge Benhayon).

We have reserved this level of understanding to the science of physics. Biological science has not incorporated space and energy into its way of understanding the workings of life. Currently we as a human race ignore the true impact of the lives we live; we act as though everything around us is here to serve our purpose, for us to explore and exploit. We even claim to own the Space above and around us though we know not what it contains.

This attitude may well be a confirmation of our lack of wisdom and intelligence; thinking we can own that which is far beyond our own current level of intelligence.

Consider the quality of life on our planet. If we look at the current state of humanity and the chaotic way we live and breathe, we are spiralling down into an ever-increasing vortex of illness and disease, war and hate, greed and poverty . . . thus confirming that living our lives focussing on money and material possessions, finding a mate, having a career, living a comfortable or luxurious life, entertaining ourselves, avoiding poverty, keeping safe, surviving, growing old, retiring and then waiting and worrying about the inevitable death . . . is not really working.

What if we were to ponder upon why we are here – right now – and wonder if there is more to living this life than we are actually experiencing . . . and what is the purpose of this life here on Earth?

Maybe it is time to delve deeper into the energy of who we are, as we only currently have working knowledge of – and this is a generous estimate – 0.001% of the human physical body. Maybe we should search to find the energetic causes of all our ills and injuries, all our antics and behaviours. If our very own doctors, amazing as they are, know so little of how the human being works, could we not be more open to a more holistic view of life and how our bodies work?

I am not a scientist, though I am intrigued by humanity and evolution. My experience as a student of The Way of The Livingness has confirmed for me what I always knew to be true – my own simple little theory of the universe – that everything in the Universe is energy, we are all made up of energy and that we are all part of the same Universal energy (this may be just another way of saying God), everything is interconnected, all coming from and returning to the same Universal field of energy.

Is it possible to live our lives more in accordance with this energy – to start to appreciate the space within and the quality of energy that fills it? When I look up at the moon and stars at night I feel that I am an integral part of everything and that everything is interconnected. I have considered that there is a reason for the life I/we are living and that maybe this is not the first time we have lived, or even that we are eternal divine beings. I feel that we are more than just human beings in human bodies and that we can be much more than what we have become. Personally I get a beautiful sense of belonging, that I am a vital part of it, the whole Universe – there is also a longing within me to once again become the whole of my part within it.

Science is moving in this direction too. Previously the general consensus of science and scientists was that God did not exist, but nowadays as they delve deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, more and more feel that they are on their way to actually proving that God does exist and that the Universe was not a coincidence but a planned inception.

We can all be amazed at the immensity of it all, the planets, stars, galaxies and universe, the awesome power of space and how our own little planet fits into the grand scheme of things. We see and feel the light of the sun and the even greater distant stars and we feel the force of gravity. If Space can hold everything in place, then what enormous power is within it that can carry and hold all our billions of Galaxies?

Maybe God is within space or space is within God

Space is not empty; we just cannot see the power within it with the naked eye.

Could we consider that if we do give ourselves space to truly feel, maybe we can become more connected to our true selves, maybe then we will feel the fullness of who we are, feel the wisdom and power we have within our own inner space and realise that there is a different way of living, a way that is beneficial to everyone and all that exists.


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  • By Christopher Murphy, Esoteric Practitioner, Personal Trainer

    Christopher Murphy is dedicated to the brotherhood of humanity. He is deeply connected with the plight of mankind and a supporter of equality for all, and is actively engaged in writing about global humanitarian affairs.

  • Photography: Alan Johnston, Photographer

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