‘The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically’ - An introduction by two elders

‘The Joy of Ageing Esoterically’

‘The Joy of Ageing, Esoterically’ - An introduction by two elders

Is there another way to age rather than the commonly accepted picture our Western society currently holds about what it is to age and how the aged are treated?

Perhaps it is time to change the way we view ageing and to alter the labels we have created that identify the concept of getting older in most societies!

Perhaps it is time to value the Elders amongst us for their wisdom and lived experience!

Perhaps it is time for the Elders in our communities to start to value themselves and to live in a way that allows them to age joy-fully!

In 2012 a group of older women in the Northern Rivers area of NSW Australia began to meet. We had all experienced the way our society regards older women, but we had also all attended presentations by Serge Benhayon. In these presentations we had been exposed to the concept of our own responsibility in how our lives were lived, and that perhaps there was more to life than was ordinarily accepted by today's society.

We explored the possibilities of what life was truly about –– how, as children, life seemed so joyous, how we seemed to sense what was going on around us energetically. It has become clear to many of the writers that there is far more to life than what the five senses reveal; that our bodies are amazing instruments that enhouse the essence of us and that we can be much grander and greater than our current way of existence allows.

As we explored these ideas with other Elders both in Australia and overseas, we realised that we all had a story to tell about how our lives had been changed.

We felt that by sharing these diverse stories in a book we could perhaps help others to remember how it felt for them when they were children. How life can be wondrous and joyful, and if we can let go of all the impositions that life has put upon us, we can have a joy-filled older age.

Thus, this book is dedicated to all those who are seeking to find their true selves and freeing themselves to be more, so that they can inspire others to delve within and find themselves, and realise that there is so much more to life on Earth than we have been allowed to see before this time.

You can buy the book here.

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  • By Anne McRitchie, BA; UTS Fellow

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd