Joy is a quality of the Soul. It is magnificent, divine, confirming and otherworldly. Joy lives naturally and eternally within us all.

So why on earth (pun intended) would we reduce and bastardise joy by mixing it up with the unsustainable emotions of happiness and elation. As the audio below shares, once you have experienced joy you would never want to be happy.

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The difference between happiness and joy

You will never want to be happy if you have experienced joy.

We have been conditioned to seek the emotion of happiness as if it is the greatest peak we can achieve. But what if it is an imposter? One that will never satisfy and hides the infinite more that we already are. Equally, we may instead seek excitement and elevation but none of these exist in Joy or the Soul and are also often short-lived. The next short audio presents what the Universe is saying to us in Joy.

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Joy is a constant confirmation

Joy is very beautiful but perhaps not what we think. For starters, there is no elation or excitement in Joy - so what is Joy?

"Happiness is not the true impulse of joy. Energetically these two vary significantly. Joy is a higher state, that is, it is a higher frequency of vibration than happiness. Joy does not require work, it is not something that is worked at, it is instead a naturally-sustained impulsed way of being that stems from the livingness of the inner-heart itself."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, ed 1, p 56

Joy as one of the 5 qualities of the Soul (our true self) cannot ever be part of the makeup of emotions that govern the human etheric spirit (the aspect of us that has separated from Soul).

When we are in at-one-ment with the Soul we are at One with ourselves, with each other and with the Universe that holds us and lives within us equally. There is a great settlement that comes with this at-onement and it is a very different experience to the self-seeking-self antics of the human spirit that has us creating ‘lows’ (the misery) and thus seeking ‘highs’ (the elation) to alleviate us from the self-imposed suffering.

This endless oscillation between ‘high’ and ‘low’ keeps us in a state of constant movement or energetic ‘noise’ that prevents us from feeling the incredible depth and richness of the eternal Stillness within.

"There is of course a great sense of joy when the Soul first communicates or impresses the initial first consciously aware impulse. True joy, is non emotional and thus it is no big deal in as far as an excitement is concerned, but there is however, a known and familiar 'home like feel' to such an impress. It is like being touched and held by something you have long left behind that belongs and was very lovingly dear to you."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 1, p 92

The other four qualities of the Soul are Truth, Love, Stillness and Harmony. Whenever you meet one member of this family you will find the other four. Experience the joy of being introduced to these five principles of God in the next audio.

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The five principles of God

A beautiful presentation on the five principles of God and the key to being part of the flow of life.

The true meaning of the word joy can be traced back to the Latin word ‘gaudia’ via the word ‘gaudium’, from the verb gaudere that means ‘to rejoice’. It is also closely related to the word joca / jocum meaning play or playfulness, which is the energetic quality we feel when we allow the Soul’s Fire to move through our body.

A young child, if free to be themselves and not imposed upon by the expectations, ideals and beliefs of others, naturally expresses the light of the Soul through their movements. If we observe closely without interrupting what is at play, we see that there is a natural lightness and sense of space that is being expressed through the whole body sometimes without even an accompanying smile.

This is because Joy is a confirmation of who we are and where we come from. That not only do we deserve to feel light in ourselves but that we come from this light as it is the very nature of our being and the source of our true and divine intelligence versus the otherwise imposed stressors and reductionism many experience.

As adults we may not have direct experience of our intrinsic joy and lightness of being if we have drifted away from our natural joy and allowed the imposters of happiness and excitement to take its place. The next short audio explores this further.

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What do we actually call joy

Have we lost our natural joy to entertainment?

"Amazing levels of engineering or technology will not make you consistently joyous. A deep form of stillness that delivers great awareness and a solid confidence in your daily affairs on the other hand will."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time, ed 1, p 244

So what we are exposing here is all the false versions we subscribe to, the noise, the emotions and the movements that keep us from the magnificence of who we all truly are. And, the more we live in opposition to the joy, stillness and other soulful qualities of who we truly are, the more exhausted and stressed we become.

"Being Soulful is your true state of being, a joyful state of being that the true meaning of the word ‘joy’ precisely elucidates: a confirmation of your godliness. To be less than the godliness you innately are will naturally incur a void, a form of hollowness that cannot be avoided. In affect, there is an emptiness being created by such a choice, for in effect, you are missing the true you. If this is the choice, and its result cannot be eluded, you are then left to make further choices that continue to shun (numb out) what cannot be eschewed. And this is why it was revealed that – ‘when this occurs, the choice or such a choice needs further choices to conceal or rather continuously offset the choice to not be the love you are’."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations of The Livingness, Volume III, ed 1, p 67

The next audio, brings us back to the joy of who we truly are and in particular the magically joyful movement of stillness in motion.

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Joy is the magic of stillness in motion

We move all day long - so how important is it to know that the way we move can either make us exhausted or be joyful?

So it seems we have two energies available to us – one that is Joyful and Soulful and represents the magnificence of who we truly are and one that represents a far lesser version and leaves a void.

As the next two audios present, Joy is a confirmation of our divinity, enormously powerful and in fact great medicine. So isn’t it about time we confirmed the truth about Joy, about who we truly are and stopped subscribing to and enabling the harmful reinterpretations?

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The bastardisation of the word joy

How we misinterpret what joy truly is.

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Joy confirming the bigger picture

Amazing revelations in relation to the expression of Joy. How it is a confirmation, and what it is that is being confirmed? Find out how Joy is related to Truth, Love, Stillness and Harmony and why it is such great medicine.

"Joy eliminates self-doubt by confirming the grandness you belong to when you express from Soul. Or said this way – each time you express from Soul you are confirmed as being Divine. And allowing oneself to appreciate the moment of confirmation is the key bridge to the fact that the communication is from our future and who we are returning to being once again. Noting most astutely that the future, our future, is already within; we are merely unfolding as we evolve back to what we once all were."

Serge Benhayon The Way of The Livingness, Sermons 12 – 17, ed 1, p 21

The fact is that we ALL belong to the one grandness and therefore by living in the confirmation and joy of who we truly are, we also reflect and confirm to others who they truly are.

"Joy cannot be experienced by any one person, unless they are with God or in true hierarchy. This is simply because it takes more than one for joy to be.

Joy is the union between one's inner-harmony and that of another's. When we connect to the harmony that is within another, from the inner-joy that is within, the two energies of harmony constellate to create a moment of Divine-delight which we call – joy. This cannot occur if we are elated by the fall of another fellow brother or if our interest is in the emotional life of others."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, ed 1, p 95

If we are serious about wanting to reduce the spirit induced ‘noise of life’ so that the exquisiteness of the Soul’s universal One Song (God’s truth) is audible and alive within us, we must learn to cultivate the equal expression of the 5 qualities of the Soul. Energetically this gives us a rock-solid foundation that not only keeps us steady no matter what happens in our life, it also allows us to experience true union with our innate godliness and how completely normal and joyful this is.

The next audio support us with what it means practically to live the qualities of the Soul on earth and the joy of that.

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Yoga and the five ingredients of heaven

Discover the true beauty of the word yoga and the livingness of it.

"It is an energetic fact that joy, true joy, is truth. More precisely, joy is the resulting movement and hence the outcome of the energetic truth. Accordingly, the joy of God is the truth of God. And the truth of God is His whole, His body, what we call space. We also know space to be God’s Atma or His Atmic body. In all, God is all there is. He is the truth and the breath, light and movement of that truth.

Joy is thus space. His body in complete repose, the breath of Will. Therefore, there can be no true joy if there is no true truth. Or, said this way – joy can only be found in God’s truth, which is always the energetic truth. As such, in energetic truth, we have space, God’s eternal repose, His Will. It is here that we find Oneness, the One Embrace of all. And in that embrace, in space, we find joy, the culmination of the energetic truth.

If we place the above revelation with the offered fact that -- ‘unless joy is the lived way no true settlement can be found’, we can conclude that joy can only be achieved by being in the energetic truth, and to be in the energetic truth is to live the energetic truth, which is also God’s truth, lived."

Serge Benhayon The Way of The Livingness, Sermons 31 – 43, ed 1, p 2

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Nicola Lessing and Liane Mandalis

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