"Enjoy being you – there is NO greater joy."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 539

If you had an option to be happy or joyful for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Most people would choose to be happy, and why not? We've all been happy before; we know what it's like and how it makes us feel. We’ve been happy on payday, at birthday parties, nights out or listening to music in the car. We often equate money and success with being happy. Media, popular culture and society in general loves happy – but what about joy?

We sing about being joyful at Christmas, but do we really even know what the word means or how it differs from being happy?

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The true meaning of joy

How true joy works.

The word Joy derives from the Old French word ‘joie’ meaning ‘feeling of happiness or elation or of great pleasure and delight’. The French word ‘joie’ derives in turn from the Latin word ‘gaudia’ meaning ‘joy’ via the word ‘gaudium’, from the verb gaudere which means ‘to rejoice’. Some authors ascribe the origins of this word to the Latin joca/jocum meaning ‘play or playfulness’. Others instead ascribe it to the word ‘jewel’ to indicate something which brings ‘delight and pleasure’.

It is interesting to note that, in the original Latin word ‘gaudium’, Joy is generally defined as a state of inner contentment coming from our connection with the Divine and the grace of God, this being the closest meaning to what Joy truly is. However, the word Joy is more commonly used to indicate a state of happiness, elation, delight or even bliss or, more generally, a state of pleasure and enjoyment as well as the notion of playfulness.

Although there is enjoyment and playfulness in Joy, its common definitions do not reveal the true energetic meaning of the word. Joy is a confirmation. And what are we confirming? Very simply, in the understanding that we are all love, equally so, at our deepest core, when this love is then expressed and met with the love of another equally expressed, our essence (Divinity) is confirmed and deeply felt as JOY. To be ‘met’ or confirmed at the level that is the most true you.

This joy is a completely natural expression for the Soul and something that is instilled deep in the heart of every human being, equally so. There are no ups and downs, no on/off switches and it doesn’t even require any work or effort because unlike the pursuit of happiness, true joy is not something that needs to be ‘achieved’. It is simply something we connect to, feel and express, with a full-bodied smile.

Because Joy is the origin and not the destination, there is not an ounce of ‘need’ in it.

Therefore the words happiness, elation, excitement or bliss cannot, in truth, be used as synonyms of Joy as these emotions are the fleeting delight we experience when a need/desire is met and are never the expression of the union with the essence of another that Joy truly is. There is no emotion in Joy.

Joy is the magical expression of the stillness of one’s Soul in motion. In that stillness, there is no space for emotions. In that stillness, emotions cannot enter.

"Being happy is an ideal - Joy, is a livingness"

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 68

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Joy is a constant confirmation

Joy is very beautiful but perhaps not what we think. For starters, there is no elation or excitement in Joy - so what is Joy?

So, it is possible that by simply chasing happiness or elation we have in truth moved further away from the true Joy that lives permanently in the Soul of each and every human being?

  • And if this is so, what is it that impulses us to seek happiness or bliss as mere surrogates of Joy?
  • Would we actually look for happiness or elation if we knew that they are completely unnatural to us?

One of our greatest forms of hurt comes from knowing deep down that we have buried our true self, a separation from the essence we knew ourselves to be as children. In this departure, we experience an emptiness that then ignites an endless search for substitutes of Joy in the realm of emotions. We pursue and consume happiness, elation, excitement and the like, in order to provide relief for the grief, anguish and sadness that results from such a separation. Our height of happiness is then measured according to the depth of our sadness. Such happiness is fleeting, short term and impossible to sustain on a permanent basis as it is something external to us.

As the Latin root ‘gaudium’ indicates, Joy is born out of our connection with the Divine – who we truly are. And thus:

True Joy is never found in anything outside of oneself. It is a livingness which springs from a true body of Love that, when meeting the divine Essence of another, expresses outwardly in all its glory and light. It is the expression of the Love, Stillness, Truth and Harmony residing in the inner-heart of every human being, a never-ending confirmation of who we truly are.

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Joy confirming the bigger picture

Amazing revelations in relation to the expression of Joy. How it is a confirmation, and what it is that is being confirmed? Find out how Joy is related to Truth, Love, Stillness and Harmony and why it is such great medicine.

We do not look for joy within and have lost the ability to find it. Yet it firmly exists there. It is found within. Joy cannot be experienced by any one person, unless they are with God or in true hierarchy. This is simply because it takes more than one for joy to be.

Joy is the union between one's inner-harmony and that of another's. When we connect to the harmony that is within another, from the inner-joy that is within, the two energies of harmony constellate to create a moment of Divine-delight which we call – joy. This cannot occur if we are elated by the fall of another fellow brother or if our interest is in the emotional life of others.

Energetically, there is a vast difference between joy and elation. This is because joy is a permanent immutable quality of the Divine. Elation is an emotion that occurs from one sub-level to a higher level. How high that elation is, is dependent on how low it starts from. There is no elation in the soul; it has no low point and no high point. The soul is the true body of love and therefore, it is in joy each and every time it expresses itself, for it does it with love. By true energetic science, there can be no elation in a body of love, which is solely what the soul is made of, and hence no elation in the soul, because there is neither a high nor a low in the fiery way of life. The fiery way of being is a permanence that is sustained by love from the flow of harmony, and thus the joy of being in such a natural state.
Serge Benhayon, A Treatise on Consciousness, p 95

"Let me introduce you to the rest of the Joy family – this is Love, Truth, Harmony and Stillness."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 447

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