Leadership – a trance no longer

Leadership, responsibility and love – a whole new angle on leadership.

Leadership – a trance no longer

Neil Gamble‘s The Leadership Trance is a refreshing book to read when it comes to life, leadership and business. He is a worldly person with a very keen eye and dissects, cuts through and exposes what is not working in the current model of business, the many business strategies, our way with business and how we apply leadership.

There is no leadership unless we care for ourselves and truly listen to the messages from our body. Without the body, we are nothing but talking heads and true change remains forever elusive while we keep turning around in circles – and chasing our own tail.

Neil is very experienced in the corporate world. He knows a lot and lays open so easily and simply how things work in this world and thus do not truly work. It feels like there is nothing he hasn’t experienced or seen.

With every page turned, he discloses more of the many misconceptions we have about business, the complexity we make it to be and simply brings it all back to self-love and self-care.

He makes it very clear, no matter what business we are in or which position we hold – if self-love and self-care are not the foundation we stand on and forever deepen, there is and will be no true change in how we do business. It will stay the greedy enterprise we have made it to be, all of us contributing to it with our needs and wishes and oh so many demands, from employees and employers alike. Same same, no different. We are all swimming in the same soup, drinking from the same fountain but believe we do it differently. But all the difference we make is yet another variation within the mess that already exists; simply making things more complex and keeping us in the illusion of bringing change. So while we keep busy with changing and advancing things, our body and well-being dwindle, there is no vitality and abundance in our bodies, the natural wholesomeness of our being is deeply compromised instead.

And that is what Neil Gamble so beautifully brings it back to: if there is no love, no care – and first and foremost for oneself – then there is no true abundance nor enrichment or riches in this world.

It is never about knowing it all and achieving, but about the wholesomeness of a body and being that we bring to everything we do that will bring the change.

One cannot have read this book and simply go on with everyday life without contemplating the responsibility we have; every single one of us, whether we are in a so-called leadership role or not. As Neil Gamble makes it very clear – we are all leaders in some way or other.

Thus, we are all contributing to the state of leadership in the world with our every move. We are all called to make self-love and self-care a daily part of our life, to nurture ourselves deeply out of the harshness, corruption, greediness and outright lie that all-things business nowadays represent, into an all-encompassing one humanity where truly nobody is left behind and everybody knows their importance and worth within society.

We all have the responsibility to be the leaders that we are, first and foremost deeply loving and deeply nurturing to ourselves and others and everything that follows will then naturally hold these qualities as a foundation to build on.

What a grand and simple offering and something we all can contribute to, equally.

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  • By Esther Andras