Love has to be one of the most misused and bastardised words around. It is a commonly used or should we say abused word in our language. We talk about love, we write about love, we sing about love, we declare that we love doing and eating things that harm our body and we even kill each other in the name of love.

The absurdity of this situation is that whether we admit it or not, love is something that we all desperately crave and want and yet love is something we ALL already are in essence, despite the fact that we might not be aware of it. For Love is a quality of the Soul, together with its siblings Joy, Truth, Harmony and Stillness and, as such, it is found deep within the inner heart of EVERY human being. When we disconnect from this, we sense a ‘loss’ that then propels us forth on a quest to find the love we think we have ‘lost’. However, we can’t lose something that we are essentially made of, but we can choose to disconnect and not express it. It is this lack of connecting to and expressing love that hurts us and sets up the search for it elsewhere.

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Those three little words

Why do we feel we prove our love the more times we say ‘I love you’?

To arrive at the true energetic meaning of love as it was divinely impressed, it is first essential to expose the fact that, in truth there is 'not one ounce of emotion in love’ (Serge Benhayon) and therefore, there is no love in emotions.

This may come as a bit of a surprise considering we have been conditioned since we were very young to view love as our favourite and most sought after emotion. However, emotions cannot be love, as emotions by definition mean moving away from our ‘centre’, that is, moving away from the inner-heart where harmony, truth, joy, stillness and true love reside. In order to make a move counter to love, an opposite force is required to lead us away and this is found in the emotions that we choose to express.

So, if we remove passion, desire, intensity, affection, lust as well as other ideals and beliefs from the generally accepted meaning of love, as these are filled with emotions, then what are we truly left with? As emotions take us away from the harmony of our inner-heart, without them wouldn’t we simply remain connected to our inner-heart where love simply IS? As, truly, for love to be true it has to simply BE.

Love is not something we do. We cannot do love, we can only BE love. In that beingness, love expresses forth in its stillness and in that, love is complete. In this way, we cannot own love nor even give it to another, it can only be lived and thus expressed. Its emanation is simply felt and nothing needs to be added to it. It can only BE.

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Why we don’t let love in

Everything you always wanted to know about love but didn’t ask! This is one of our favourite talks and we highly recommend it.

"Love is the beingness of knowing that you are everything already."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 685

If we accept that 'Love is the essence of all, it is – where we come from, who we really are, what we are made of …’ (Serge Benhayon), then we can also see that love is in-truth the energy underlying our true essence and the very thing that constantly and untiringly impulses forth our evolution and that of the whole cosmos. It is what constantly impulses us to evolve back to BE the love that we already are, as that is our true nature. It is our innate Divinity and it is what God is.

As Plato states, the only true love is the DIVINE ONE, the unconditional love which inter-connects every single thing and which connects everything to Itself in any possible direction with undeniable and limitless Beauty.

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If we do not choose to be love

This revelatory audio introduces the fact that we all have free will and confirms that everything we choose is our responsibility. Do we know what we are choosing?

So, have we been served a lie about love and chosen to believe it?

And, how come, despite being fashioned from love, we have decided to ignore or forget that knowing and have accepted a version of love that is not true? How is it that we have come to allow ourselves to be shaped by a ‘love’ that is not love and indeed is its very opposite? In our inner-heart there is only love, a one unified and unifying energy we have disconnected from. In that disconnection we have been fed and accepted surrogates of love (eg. attention or recognition) although we know deeply and naturally what love truly is.

This disconnection is reflected in the origins and different meanings attributed to the word love which is nowadays used to indicate care, friendliness, affection as well as desire, passion and lust. The word love was first used by the Proto-Indo-Europeans as 'leubh' to describe 'care and desire' and was later incorporated into the Old English language as 'lufu' (from the Proto-Germanic 'lubo') to describe 'love, affection, friendliness' and its offspring verb, 'to be very fond of'. The Proto-Germanic root, however, already contained the meaning of love as 'desire and lust'. With a similar meaning, the Latin language used instead the word 'Amorem' seemingly from the verb 'amare' and the Sanskrit 'kamare' the root of which is 'ka' which means 'to desire, to love'. It was used by the Latins to indicate an instinctive and passionate upsurge.

In light of what is outlined above, it is clear that none of the usual definitions of love convey nor honour the magnitude, the power and the simplicity of what love truly is. And thus the word ‘love’ as we use it does not hold up to what love truly is. It is the poor imitation we are sold and willingly purchase when we have forsaken and forgotten how the real thing looks and feels.

Hence, the word love needs to be completely re-understood in meaning and re-imprinted in action, so to reflect in full the divine qualities of stillness, harmony, joy and truth it was meant to convey. And, to do so we have to choose to be love as this is the only way we will be able to reclaim the true power and magnitude of this word and in doing so expose what love is not.

If we live the love that we are, we will not be left to live the ‘love’ that we are not.

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How men and women avoid being the love that they are

We are a living form of love, harmony, joy and stillness but that is not how we live so we feel uneasy and our bodies suffer. This talk presents in detail ways and reasons we avoid being the love we already are and also throws light on how we react to rejection and seek recognition.

"Love is a ‘beholder light.’ It is the emanating quality of the essence that has originated all life. Love itself is an energy or a light which has a specific quality or vibration that is known within the essence of all life, since all life was created by its essence. When correctly expressed it is felt as a beholdment, that is, the one expressing it can contain or behold the light of another within them, however, it will not assume power or authority over the other light, but meet that light by its equal essence – this is what love is and what it does when it is truly expressed."

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness, p 405

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