Sacred Esoteric Healing and how it changed my life

Sacred Esoteric Healing and how it changed my life

Sacred Esoteric Healing and how it changed my life

An email from a friend reminded me recently of how much things have changed for me over the last ten years thanks to Sacred Esoteric Healing – I had my first session in early 2004 and saw Serge Benhayon, who, at the time, was the only Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioner. A friend had told me about him and I finally went, motivated by a mixture of curiosity and my aching right shoulder which, even though I had had a lot of treatments, was still painful at times and with a limited range of movement to boot. That I had been suffering from depression since my early teenage years was a given and hardly worth mentioning – it had become so much part of my life that I no longer thought it could ever be different or better.

So after talking for a while with the practitioner we started the Sacred Esoteric Healing session. It was very gentle and unimposing and at one point he said “ ... and that was your soul”. How strange – I had definitely felt something, but ‘soul’ didn’t really mean anything to me.

But even so, I felt great and much lighter after this session and so I made another appointment. The next morning I woke up earlier than usual and had a lot more energy than I had had for a long time. I started taking care of things in the house that I had not been able to attend to and that felt great. The increase in energy lasted about two and a half weeks, and ten days later it was time to see Serge again. I had no idea that what he was doing was called Sacred Esoteric Healing and would have probably run a mile had I known. Sacred? Esoteric? What?

I had about four sessions and each one supported me to feel stronger, more alive and energised. Then I realised that miraculously I had missed my second depressive period that year. Each bout would normally last two to three months. In my twenties there were times when it was so overwhelming I would hardly get out of bed except towards evening when a cloud seemed to have lifted off me. In later years I got used to just keeping going, no matter how awful I felt and how all-consuming the bottomless void engulfing me was. I had also started having unexplained panic attacks in the middle of the night and was waking up with thoughts of death, catastrophe and doom on a daily basis.

Since my first Sacred Esoteric Healing session in 2004, I have never had depression again. And that is a true miracle after nearly forty years of having lived with it, or should that be - despite it.

A year later I attended my first Sacred Esoteric Healing course. I was cautious and still thought the name was somewhat dubious, but I could not deny the enormous benefits this therapy had and how different my life was on a daily basis. My shoulder started playing up again during that first healing course and working at the head of a massage table I realised how limited the movement in that arm still was. I went on to do many more Sacred Esoteric Healing courses, the four different levels and even some repeats.

My shoulder is fine now and has been for a long time, my depression has never come back and I have been able to heal many of the hurts and traumas that I had stockpiled and come to believe were there to stay and were part of what life was all about – childhood traumas included.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.