A cookbook with easy to follow recipes for a healthier and more loving lifestyle.

Is this just another cookbook or really a neater way of cooking? This recipe book contains simple everyday meals and snacks for the home cook with the focus on full flavour and avoiding ingredients that are difficult for your body to digest.

A Neater Way of Cooking while being an alternative way to prepare your daily food, will also lead you on a journey to a simpler, healthier and more loving lifestyle.

Commercially prepared foods often contain ingredients that are unnatural, quite hard to digest for the body and make us feel heavy and devitalised because of the extra burden on the digestive system. By making a commitment to eating freshly prepared vegetables, meats, eggs, nuts and fruit rather than processed food, your body will start to rid itself of the accumulated burden of the hard to digest food of the past.

With healthier choices you will say goodbye to the old sluggishness and discover a revitalised you as the body gradually returns to its natural size and shape.

This cookbook will revolutionise the way you look at food. It will support you to create easy, tasty meals and snacks that are GLUTEN, DAIRY, YEAST, REFINED SUGAR and PRESERVATIVE FREE.

A Neater Way of Cooking

The step-by-step, full colour picture recipes are simple to follow and will have you making meals and treats flavoured with delicious sauces, condiments and natural sugars. While offering fresh alternatives with easily obtainable ingredients and foods you enjoy eating and that are also good for your body, the recipes in this book will help you develop a neater way of cooking –– your way of cooking.

How do I know this works? Because my family, friends and I live it every day.

Six years ago I was very unwell; with no medical diagnosis available I began to look at what I was putting into my body. Reading labels on commercially packaged foods horrified me with the quantities of different sugars, dairy, preservatives, gluten and yeast they contained. Within weeks of choosing to eat fresh food I began to feel strong and energetic and within months my body had changed for the better.

A Neater Way of Cooking, with its focus on full flavour and avoiding ingredients that are difficult for your body to digest, might just be the inspiration you have been looking for.


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  • By Anita Stanfield, Authorised Wedding & Funeral Celebrant, Personal & Décor Stylist and Cookbook Author

    Anita is a lover of people and celebrates relationships. Her wealth of life experiences as a Daughter, Wife, Mother and Friend allow her to support people genuinely and caringly.

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