Gluten, dairy, corn ......... are the root of all evil

Inflammatory foods, GMO foods, sugar, dairy, gluten foods – all combine to bring humanity to a lesser, ill place. But Change is coming.

Gluten, dairy, corn ......... are the root of all evil

The effects of the triple play of sugar, gluten and dairy are having a devastating effect on humanity.

Their voices are few, but it is great to witness a handful of doctors starting to lead a much overdue revolution in nutrition, as are Dr David Perlmutter, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Robert Lustig and Dr Amy Myers, to name some of the vanguard of proactive health physicians.

True they are making a business out of their anti-gluten, anti-sugar and anti-dairy stands, but that’s ok – there is a huge opportunity that awaits evolved advanced and ready practitioners. It won’t be long before many more from the medical profession put aside the perennial conflicts and/or complacency and climb aboard this wave of change. It is going to be big and many big businesses are going to be unstitched.

In a strong 15-minute interview of Dr Amy Myers by Jason Wacob[i], Dr Myers shares impactful messages as she pokes away at her profession and the traditional food industry, and whilst she slips a little on her personal cravings for chocolate, her points are valid:

  • “Medicine is failing all of us”
  • “Gluten is the root of all evil”
  • “We (the medical profession) are not trained to treat the body as a whole”
  • “We are brainwashed as a culture”
  • “Western Medicine has bought … that it is ok to medicate, to operate. It is upsetting that the body is viewed (by Medical School) in its separate parts, rather than the whole”
  • “75 million (25% of the entire population) Americans suffer from auto immunity”
  • (Assuming trans fats and sugar are removed from the outset . . . ) “Gluten, dairy, corn . . . are the root of all evil”
  • “Almost all of gluten is GMO”
  • “The gut is the gateway to health”

But it is more than this.

Why do we succumb to these inflammatory foods such as gluten, sugar, dairy to name only the triumvirate of the problem, not to mention substances like coffee, alcohol and excessive medications?

Serge Benhayon has been teaching why since 1999 (that’s seventeen years to the date of this article). It is much, much more than something as simple as striving for gut health via abstinence from gluten, dairy and sugar.

It is about energy.

The immutable truth that all that exists in this world is first made of energy leads us to ask the real question – what energy are we in that entices us to serially choose these harming foods that are produced en masse and marketed by the food industry as good for you, when in truth, the opposite is true? What is the energy behind our perpetual need in choosing to gratify our senses of taste, over-fullness and stimulation because we like how it tastes and how it feels, even though we know these choices are compromising our wellbeing?

What if we choose these foods because we want to dull our awareness, dampen or withdraw our connection with self and others, avoid our sense of stillness and avoid being honest and transparent (even with ourselves)?

It’s comforting to think we feel dull and bloated because we’ve eaten too much and blame it on the food, but the truth is that we chose to be dull and bloated rather than feeling what there is to be felt – first. Think of family festive gatherings and the excitement of the feast and everyone coming together with all their dynamics – overeating is a result of what you are feeling, not the cause!

There are a number of reasons we choose to dampen or withdraw our connection, why we choose to be dull, racy and or protective, fuelled further by our foods that include gluten, dairy, salt and sugar-laden ingredients. It is because we are living a mix of some or even all of these energetic dispositions – damp, dull, racy and protective – which are displayed in our emotional and reactive behaviours, well before we sit to eat. We have become accustomed to choose these behaviours to avoid what is there if we didn’t so choose these reducing behavioural foods, as we would otherwise have to feel how incredibly aware we truly are, of everything, how connected we could be with ourselves and others, how much we could perceive and how much honesty we could bring … and this is what we are avoiding. In short, we are avoiding being the fullness of who we really are. It is the energetic behaviour that determines the food choice.

All foods, like all aspects of life, are comprised of a certain quality of energy. Some brings us up, some bring us down, some leave us relatively in the same state. When we are attracted to choose dampening foods like dairy, it is because we are already in damp energy. It is the energetic disposition feeding the behaviour that comes first, well before the choice of food. This ‘damp’ behaviour can manifest itself in the way we treat colleagues, for example, with dismissiveness, or it deadens personal relationships. When we behave like that, we need to align with damp foods to further feed those damp behavioural impulses. Once we address that damp energy there will be no desire for damp, damaging foods.

We need to first therapeutically unpick the behaviour and work out what we are avoiding in order to unpick the addiction to ill foods like gluten, dairy and sugar. It’s tempting to overeat (for example, on long plane trips) because we are forced to be still and uncomfortable and we don’t want to feel this.

On the other hand, if you are racy (lacking stillness / overstimulated) then you are hooked on the stimulating foods like coffee, sugar and alcohol, and nothing will stop the racy one pursuing racy foods (and beverages). Why is it we choose to be unaware and therefore racy? What is it that we don’t want to stop and truly feel what is going on around us or in us? Address that core issue and the sugar addiction will ebb and be able to leave you. The racy choices of sugar-like products are ravaging the global humanity.

The list goes on. The body’s protective mechanism is the nervous system – activate nervous tension and you have protection (or lack of transparency). Why are we needing to live in protection by consuming foods that raise tensions in the nervous system, such as salt?

Track back to one’s behaviour and what we are avoiding feeling, and therein lays the choice of food, including the amount of food we consume. Too much food blunts the openness to evolution – the inevitable call to deepen our awareness and return to the only true homeostasis of humanity, brotherhood.

Once it is clear what behaviour makes a beeline for which ill food line, it then becomes clear as to why gluten, dairy, sugar and salt (to name the alien ringleaders) respectively are consumed to support our dull, damp, racy and protective idiosyncrasies.

Once the good doctors understand this energetic connection, as established by The Philosopher and Master Therapist Serge Benhayon, then they will start to understand nutrition and the hold it has over humanity. Obesity, dementia, diabetes (to name a few contemporary manmade epidemics) are consequences of our behaviour and our movements or, more accurately, the quality in our movements that produce a body and lifestyle of such ill health and discontentment.

But it is great that a few doctors have at last taken on the nutrition subject and even better that they are getting quite some traction following them on social media. It is a late start but they are leading the way. Now to open the sluice gates so that their health professional colleagues can swarm through to help change the claim by Dr Myers that “Medicine is failing us”.

These vanguard doctors who highlight nutrition as our core issue to wellbeing are on track, they just need to wind the cause and effect back a few frames to assess the individual’s behaviour; it is in the behaviour that lies the key to this, the biggest of man’s problems. The doctors have not quite put their fingers on the silver bullet, as Serge Benhayon has: it is about our awareness, our connection to humanity, about our ability to read situations and about our transparency to the truth.

Said another way, it is about how we wallow in dull, possibly even depressed scenarios, how we choose damp un-evolving relationships, it is about our level of awareness and it is about us needing protection. Fix these symptoms, and we will fix our serial choices of dulling, dampening, racy and protecting foods that include, but are not limited to Dr Amy Myers’s 'Roots of evil', being gluten, dairy and sugar.

How do we unpick these behavioural flaws?

We read (assess) them, we become aware of them, we move our bodies in a way to shift those ill energies and we supplement our living with healings from the esoteric modalities as presented by Unimed Living.

A revolution in behaviour is underway which will lead to an evolution in nutrition. The evolution needs to wriggle along a bit otherwise the likes of dementia, diabetes, obesity and heart disease will soon combine to bankrupt the struggling health systems around the globe.

  • [i]

View Serge Benhayon's interview on Food.

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