One step towards a healthy relationship with food

One step towards a healthy relationship with food

One step towards a healthy relationship with food

There is something about each of us – an innate quality – that if nurtured brings us to a great love, truth, harmony, stillness and joy within ourselves and with each other; a quality that we might simply need to re-connect to. Absolutely every one of us wants to love and be loved above all else because at our essence that is what we are.

It is possible – or perhaps even undeniable - that the relationship we have with food could be preventing or delaying our connection with this inner quality to at least some extent, and that this connection is something that our bodies are in-truth, designed to naturally bring us to?

Might at least part of our challenging relationship with food be as a result of deeply missing our inner-most self and sharing that with each other?

Think of our immediate reaction to something going wrong or upsetting us in some way – is it not often to reach for something to eat or drink?

The fact is, we are masters at using food:

  • to avoid or bury what we are feeling
  • for comfort, or to feel comfortably numb
  • as a means of stimulation – keeping us on the go (no different to caffeine)
  • as a reward

... when, underneath all of this, the truth is what we all want is simply to feel love ... and no matter how much we eat or how ‘attractive’ or stimulating the food is, we simply cannot get love from food.

A truly healthy relationship with food cannot be a static, rigid or dogmatic, diet or approach to what, when and how much we eat – it is an endless learning and evolving experience.

If you feel that this might indeed be so, then the one step you need to take towards a truly healthy relationship with food is to STOP ...

... to take a moment for yourself, take a gentle breath or two ... to reconnect, recognise and remember that innate innermost part of you – the aspect which remains forever untouched by all of the external stuff we think our lives are made up of.

Developing and nurturing the connection to this innate quality leads us naturally to a self-caring way of being with ourselves, building the foundation for an open, honest and loving relationship with our body, with food, with people and with life.

The entire Unimed Living website is devoted to sharing and exploring the many ways it is possible to take the step towards a simple, loving and vital way of living. Have a look around, the possibilities are endless!

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  • By Helen Simkins, Business Manager

    Eternal student of life, relationships, the Ageless Wisdom and myself. With a deep love of humanity and nature, I’m equally at home in a crowd or enjoying a moment of solitude … and I make a fabulous slow-cooked lamb roast!