‘Flavours of Vietnam’: a cookbook series by Miranda Benhayon

A series of Vietnamese recipes for light and clean cooking.

‘Flavours of Vietnam’: a cookbook series by Miranda Benhayon

Miranda Benhayon’s Vietnamese cookbook series includes two e-books titled ‘Flavours of Vietnam 2016’ and ‘Flavours of Vietnam 2017’. Both cookbooks are a simple selection of gluten free, dairy free and sugar free Vietnamese recipes that are nourishing and delicious – clean eating at its best, and a great inspiration for light breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas.

The first cookbook of the series, Flavours of Vietnam 2016 includes a range of fish dishes, a Vietnamese salad, spring rolls and a savoury sauce. The second cookbook, Flavours of Vietnam 2017 shares more Vietnamese-inspired recipes: soup, stir fries, fish patties and a light, and of course sugar-free dessert.

Written to support cooking light and being light and playful with ourselves in the kitchen, Miranda Benhayon’s cookbooks are presented in an unconventional way that allows each of us to be our own master chef. Each recipe begins with an introduction to the dish and its application in Vietnamese cooking. Then, uniquely so, a simple list of ingredients with no precise quantities is provided allowing the reader to feel and express for themselves the quantity of each ingredient to be included in the dish. This unique style empowers connection with ourselves. Clear steps for preparing and cooking each recipe are accompanied with beautiful pictures by photographer Clayton Lloyd.

The ‘Flavours of Vietnam’ cookbooks are beautifully presented and you can feel Vietnam with you when you read them. All recipes are a well-loved feature of menus during Universal Medicine Vietnam Retreats and the cookbook offers the opportunity to bring these much-loved dishes into everyday life and share the joy of cooking lightly and simply with family and friends.

Miranda Benhayon’s e-cookbooks Flavours of Vietnam 2016 and Flavours of Vietnam 2017 are very affordable and can be purchased online at the Universal Medicine website.

Treat yourself and enjoy cooking lightly with these exquisite, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free Vietnamese recipes!

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd