The Way of Initiation – enormously profound, like reading with a friend

The Way of Initiation is a true friend imparting profound wisdom.

The Way of Initiation – enormously profound, like reading with a friend

The Way of Initiation – enormously profound, like reading with a friend

When I originally wrote the review below, it was following a period in my life where I was looking for guidance in dealing with complex day-to-day situations and setups. What I loved at the time was that this book helped to break down and deconstruct the complication and embedded issues, making them feel simple in the light of its reflected wisdom.

It’s now a few years later and with the gift of insight I can see what is on offer now for me due to the foundations I was able to lay during the time I read Serge Benhayon’s book, The Way of Initiation, and took the opportunity to turn read words into a lived way of life.

The beauty is, from here I can see what the book offered by way of true support at a time when life around me was ‘hairy’ and volatile. It’s amazing how, as I mention below, it was almost as if reading the book was a conversation with my life; a three – or even five! – dimensional response to the seeming storm turning and churning around me.

What I can deeply appreciate now is how what this book offered me and what I lived in response to its written wisdom at that time in my life forms part of the living foundation I take for granted day-to-day now. It truly is Nobel Prize winning material!

This book is profound. It’s a path forward, a connection back to who we really are; heavy in its literal weight but light in the amazing path and radiant way forward it shines for humanity and the individual all at once. It felt so whole while reading it, and so simple to read about but at the same time, completely addressing the complexity of life, all humanity and the world as it stands.

This book has offered me everything each time I delve into it, and I find it no less easy to follow whether I read cover to cover or start at a random page and enjoy the deep wisdom that is always shared so appropriately for me in that moment. I loved that reading it was so straightforward but challenging for me at the same time, with an almost conversational quality to my reading time – I felt almost like I could talk to the book and have it answer me directly on questions it inspired in me! What I also loved about The Way of Initiation by Serge Benhayon is that it was like reading with a friend – a friend who knew what you wanted to ask and who answered you wholly and truly without holding any of itself back. It talks about initiation but in the true sense, so I can feel what it is to grow my own awareness without the need to look to external references for signposts or directions.

The reality of initiation is made real for what it is – not a bizarre ritual or something that someone else can do for you, but part of an ever-deepening connection to one’s self and to everyone around you.

This book is so important to humanity for what it presents it should win a Nobel Prize for everything! This book is ageless and universal, but personal to me, and to everyone who may read it.

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