Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility

What does it mean to live with Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility!

Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility

How do we practically live Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility?

This is a great question that any person coming to the profound understanding that everything in life is about energy would want to understand. This is because, once we contemplate these choices, it changes how we consider relating to every living thing, and indeed it then affects how we view and live life.

Once we get our heads around the truthful fact that how we express, act and think, carries an energetic quality that is either harming or healing, we begin to understand the enormity of the responsibility that lays with each and every one of us in the way we express in our daily lives.

This means how we move with our body, what we say, what we choose to ingest, how we are expressing our feelings, whether we are emotional, what’s our intention with work, what television shows we prefer to watch, how we raise our kids and much, much more.

Firstly, we are responsible for the quality of energy we allow through our choices, and knowing which quality we are expressing is part of our integrity and responsibility. We each know from either personal experience or that of the world around us, that human beings are capable of joyful, loving and amazing expressions, and equally can be hurtful, harming or imposing. This indicates to us that whilst everything is energy, a distinction can be made as to ‘what’ quality of energy is being expressed at any given moment.

Very simply, there are 2 types of energy that we can choose to express; either an energy that carries the quality of love, equality and harmony with all, which could be defined as a ‘good’ type of energy, or conversely, an energy that carries the quality of harm, imposition and separation, which could be defined as a ‘bad’ type of energy.

Where to start?

Initially you begin with a foremost intention of honesty and self-awareness of where you are coming from in your actions. Living connected to your true inner-essence, a connection to your inner-heart, is an expression of the previously mentioned ‘good’ energy; this true essence inside you is made of love, it holds all others equal regardless of nationality, culture or religion, and it expresses harmoniously with respect to all other life around it. This is not a utopia, but a very real down-to-earth way of living that forms the basis of energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. We live in a world where these types of expressions are not always the most common, and, therefore, a state of perfection is never to be visualised as any goal, but rather a continual application of the honesty to be aware of where you are coming from in each moment.

We can begin to be alert and aware in an honest way as to how our choices can have a significant effect on the way we express, the consequential quality it produces in our bodies, and the life that we lead which then impacts all others around us.

Some of us may have heard the old expression "you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep". If we really look into and interpret the truth of what this saying is trying to suggest, we can understand that what it is revealing is very close to the greater truth of Energetic Responsibility.

The point being that, we are very much responsible for what we choose to associate with, who we choose to surround ourselves with, what we choose to give our attention to, even what we choose to fill our minds with. This is never to be reviewed with judgment or criticism, but honestly asking:

  • Is it of value?
  • As in, does it carry a quality?
  • What is the feeling of that quality?
  • Does that quality touch you in a loving way or does it leave you feeling disturbed, doubting and feeling not enough; and,
  • With utmost responsibility, we can also ask ourselves the question, does the quality of whatever we have chosen to engage with affect other people?

These questions are relevant when we consider living our lives with Energetic Responsibility, for we begin to bring awareness to what we accept, ingest, digest, follow and support; what we create, put out, activate, instigate and express out into the world, and all we are in relationship with, which includes every living thing if we were to encompass full Energetic Responsibility.

A practical example explored – How are you communicating?

A very simple first question, how is the tone of our voice?

Is it soothing, open and warm with an intention to be gentle and kind, or is it carrying an edge of tension that comes across as harsh or a bit strict? There are many of us that are supposedly unaware of the tone of voice we speak with, and then get totally surprised when what we say is not openly embraced or understood by another.

How about when we don't check our delivery and the person we are talking to launches back at us in reaction; but why and how did that happen?

Did we just instigate that? These are moments to self reflect and feel further what was happening when we expressed! Did we just affect this unsuspecting person with a momentum of built-up unexpressed emotion? Or is it a load of hurts that we are carrying and not dealing with? Did they too just succumb to the harm from this energy and retaliate back, triggered by their own ‘un-dealt with’ problems?

We can be so caught up in the pressure of getting things done that we can come in wobbling in nervous tension and demand from someone just by our tone.

This then prods the other person and immediately places them under the influence of your anxious dilemma. It takes a person who is solid and steady with themselves to not get ‘infected’ by the momentum of 'bad’ energy you are travelling with and end up in the same stress.

How often in a workplace environment do we witness how the burdens of Employers and Managers communicating in that tension can spread like a virus to their workers, creating expression amongst everyone that is intense, negative, pessimistic, paranoid, not trusting, and insecure, ultimately sabotaging harmony and productivity?

Our voices can be speaking words that are honest, or saying so called 'nice' things, but our underlying tone can be loaded with frustration and resentment, making the communication in-truth an attack and an abuse.

This is also relevant for our own inner voice/critic that can have a tone of speaking to us in a way that we would never speak to another in a million years. We can berate and undermine ourselves with harshness, in a tone that carries an energy of self-loathing or a lack of self-worth, this can all be happening privately. Our relationship with ourselves suffers, we lose connection with ourselves, and our self-confidence, this is then an energy inside us that we are walking around with, and it ends up bleeding over into or tainting our communication and thus our connections in relationships with others.

We can all laugh at the distortion of the truth that can occur with ‘Chinese-whispers’, where a story can get so exaggerated after being passed along in communication, flavoured by each persons perception of the truth, that it barely resembles the original circumstance.

In these moments we can see that simply by moulding the truth and not having the integrity to observe a truth and stay committed to expressing that truth, we are creating a wake of disharmony that will un-doubtedly cause a harming effect to others. Whenever we gossip about someone, or judge them and say hurtful things about them, energy will follow that thought and carry the ill quality of that thought to the intended object/person because the path of that intention cannot be arrested, it has to complete its flow, this is a science.

This means that even when you are having thoughts, the choice of those thoughts is an expression that ‘plays out' and sticks to wherever it was directed or intended, this moment carries a 'karma' with it, which is either healing or harming.

These basic examples bring relevance to the fact that we can so obviously bring a greater attention to detail and consideration to every word and thought that we utter before and after we express.

When we choose to live more consistently connected to our inner-essence we begin to become more fluent with expressing in a loving, gentle and sensitive way, and we are more likely to naturally express our appreciation and respect of each other. When we are treated with that equality and generosity from someone’s heart, and express the same from our own, it reverberates inside us, nourishing our very being.

This is the attention to detail that is necessary when living with Energetic Responsibility and Energetic Integrity

The detail of how we can be responsible for the energy that we communicate in and express with is as ‘fine’ as our level of conscious commitment to it being so. It is totally dependent on what we are prepared to be sensitive to and allow ourselves to feel. This is called awareness, what we are willing to consciously feel!

What we have to understand is that the choice of energy we give credence to, whether loving or harming, is then going to affect the quality of the energetic expression from our bodies. In other words, what we ‘put out’, to every living thing around us. What we can also begin to appreciate here is the fact that there is a responsibility with our intentions, our thoughts that we are choosing to think with in every moment, and the truth that thought follows energy. This, as you can imagine can be a profound ripple affect and have great consequences, even if you do not act out what you are thinking.

To have presence of mind and to think and act 'consciously' is what Energetic responsibility is all about, we become aware of the imprint that we leave behind and the myriad of ways that that imprint can influence, having a life of its own.

We can plant a seed, we can inspire, we can accentuate, we can elevate, we can offer a reflection of what’s loving or of true value for our world, and it is incumbent upon us all to consider this wisely.

It is very easy to be irresponsible and be ignorant to everything we are in relationship with, this is a selfishness that comes from wanting to pursue being the individual, just thinking about ourselves without bearing witness to the consequences of the interconnectedness of all life.

Naturally, because all our life cells are interactive, we are constantly in a relationship with each other in a sea of energy; so, therefore, we do get impressed by each others energetic expression. The way we get affected can be in a forceful and imposing way, it could be needy or emotional, or feel like a dumping of negative energy onto us; or in a loving way which brings a powerful feeling of being loved, of feeling lighter, of belonging and feeling equal and accepted, a harmony and an ease with ourselves.

When we choose to consider that in the way we breathe, live, think, work and play, there is an energy with it that has a quality and that that quality governs who we are, it is difficult to deny the magnitude of the lessons that "everything is energy" presents.

Therefore, the choice of how we would like to live our lives, how we would like to express and with a particular focus on the fact that the energy we align to determines our Energetic Integrity. Energetic Integrity is a commitment to living connected to your Soul, a way of living that comes from loving yourself and relating to others in that same loving way, this gentle way of living offers the world a harmlessness.

It is a responsibility as human beings to be our natural selves, to love, care and nurture ourselves fully, to not slight or hurt or bring ourselves or others down. We can honour being truthful and seeing all as equal.

These are not ‘ideals’ to live or a pursuit of perfection, this is just understanding the two energies that are available for us to choose to feel, and the Energetic integrity to choose the divine energy that can be felt and expressed from the connection to our inner-hearts.

The choice is ours as to whether we want to be aware, or not, of the two energies that determine whether we live a life feeling alive or live a life existing.

In a sure, steady, consistent way with Energetic Responsibility and Energetic Integrity we hold the power to effect great change for humanity.

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