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Serge Benhayon was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1964 and with his family came to Australia as a six-year-old. The Benhayons settled in Sydney where Serge continued his schooling and further developed what was to be a promising sporting career. Ultimately his athletic prowess led to a career as a professional tennis coach. This short biography of Serge Benhayon introduces his remarkable life and works.

In the early 1990s Serge Benhayon and his family moved to the Far North Coast of NSW where he initially continued his career as a highly accomplished tennis coach with all the trappings of such success, until in 1999 a series of awakenings rekindled the active union with his Soul and the Hierarchy.

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The birth of The Livingness 1 workshop

The Livingness 1 is a one day workshop about re-connecting to the real true you and thus learning to make that your way of life. In this audio Serge shares how the workshop came to be.

In that same year Serge founded Universal Medicine and all that came with that impress, including five new healing modalities which became the transformational tool for thousands of people worldwide. Dedicating his life to serving humanity in full and working as a healing practitioner, Serge Benhayon soon became known as the 'healer's healer'.

Right from the beginning, professionals and practitioners from all walks of life sought him out for his advice and support. The quality of his healing sessions, his humility, acceptance and love of humanity are always apparent, palpable and unwavering, no matter what condition someone may be in.

Serge began presenting Sacred Esoteric Healing to give people the opportunity to not only receive the benefits of one-to-one treatments, but to understand and have further access to true healing as a way of life. He was the first to teach about energetic integrity and energetic responsibility and the effect of these on the quality of one's way of living.

Over the years Serge Benhayon has trained countless practitioners, professionals and everyday people worldwide in the Sacred Esoteric Healing Arts. By the end of 1999 Serge had initiated and pioneered the principles of self-love to love; self-care before caring for others; self-care in the workplace; self-nurture to know how to be for family and others; and he also founded and inaugurated 'The Way of the Livingness' – which is simply a reconnection to a knowingness that is innate in the inner-heart of every human being on earth, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or any ideology or belief.

Serge has also shared countless teachings from the Ageless Wisdom which he lives on a daily basis, such as the fact that our "body is the marker of all truth".

Accordingly, there have been many presentations on:
– The Gentle Breath Meditation®
– Spleen time
– The energetic importance of our kidneys and all other body organs
– A daily lived rhythm and conscious presence
to name but a few.

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The energetic rhythm of the spleen and kidneys

Find out about the beautiful rhythm in which our spleen and kidneys are designed to clear and regenerate our body.

This Sphere offers links to the different esoteric healing modalities and Ageless Wisdom teachings that Serge has founded for all of humanity to have, enjoy and benefit from. They are never a replacement for sound medical treatment but an amazingly in-depth, supportive and deeply revealing adjunct that have assisted people worldwide.

Serge Benhayon is a prolific writer and has since the inception of UniMed Publishing in 2007 written at least one book a year, with eight in print and a number of others queued 'in the wings'.
The Esoteric modalities, teachings, readings and books inspired and delivered by Serge have transformed the lives of literally thousands of people.

From Serge:

"I, today, can say that I truly love every single aspect and moment in my life. No, it is not wishing-it-be utopian of me to say so because it is simply and absolutely true. And no, there is no perfection by a long shot. There is however, an exquisiteness that is very real and undeniable, as witnessed by hundreds who know me well enough to know that what I live cannot be a façade or a masquerade of anything other than what they see and, more importantly, what they can feel and experience is a deeply loving and joyful way of being."

Serge Benhayon

Because Serge Benhayon openly shares the way he lives with all, as a teacher, presenter, father, husband, friend, philosopher and fellow community member, those who can see and feel the truth of what is offered have also chosen to make what they truly are their way of living. And plainly, it is not 'Serge’s way' but their own truth being lived. There are now many, many people living deeply loving and joyful lives who are in turn inspiring others to live 'The Way of the Livingness'.

Serge again:

"The essence of the work that flows through me is in line with that which can be called sacred and esoteric by nature. It is non-traditional, following no allegiance to any cult, form or belief other than that which is found intuitively at the heart centre in accordance with our innate Soul-full fiery impulse. No claims are made other than the stance that the work, like all other before us, should always be ascertained by the individual to be the work of truth or not."

Serge Benhayon

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