It is one of the greatest illusions we can live under when we are led to believe that the spirit and Soul are one and the same thing, when they are not. The human spirit is a fragment of the Soul that separated itself, by choice, from its Divine source and created a life of its own. That is, it wandered off to create and indulge in a reality that entirely serves itself and no other.

As it carries within itself the void of having separated from Oneness and therefore from the Divine love it once was, the human spirit searches endlessly and arrogantly outside of itself in the attempt to fill up the deep emptiness and pain resulting from this separation.

In this quest, the human spirit grasps onto everything and everyone that can bring it any form of identification, recognition or acceptance without ever admitting that the name of its game is dishonesty and lies. As the thing the spirit fears the most is being exposed, it will go to any length to cover up the true motives behind its endeavours. Furthermore, because the energy impulsing the spirit is not of love and truth, everything the spirit sets out to do is ultimately individualistic and therefore only for self-gain even when the intention may appear to be good.

Therefore, one of the most fundamental teachings one can ever be exposed to is the difference between spirit and Soul.

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The difference between spirit and Soul

The difference between spirit and Soul is one of the most important teachings you could ever listen to. The Soul is Divine and it works with love only and the spirit works with everything that is not love. The spiritual journey is to render the spirit naught so that you can become Soul-full.

From the history of the word we learn that…

Although many meanings have been ascribed to this word, spirit is generally used to indicate a substance or energy that is incorporeal or immaterial as opposed to the material body. At times, it may be used with reference to consciousness, personality, sentience or even mind. The English word ‘spirit’ comes from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ which means ‘breath’, via the Proto-Indo-European word (s)peis. Beside breath, spiritus was also used with the meaning of ‘spirit, Soul, courage, vigor’.

Though being etymologically distinguished, the word spirit is similar in its root meaning to the Latin word ‘anima’ (Soul) and the Greek word ‘psyche’ (Soul) as they both refer to breath or to breathing. In essence, therefore, both spirit and Soul refer to the Divine breath, that is, to the universal vital principle that is immanent and eternal in all living things, indistinctively and equally so.

It is interesting to note that spirit and Soul are often used as synonyms not only because they both refer to a substance or energy which is incorporeal and ubiquitous as well as to breathe, but also and most importantly, because the spirit in its divine form was once one with the Soul and expressing from the Soul’s same divine impulses. In other words, it was once one breath with the Soul, breathing in perfect unison with the pulse of the whole cosmos and working in absolute alignment with the Divine Plan towards evolution.

However, this is not so now, and so to use these terms interchangeably is to not understand what is at play here. Whilst it is true that every spirit will one day evolve back to the true light and love of the Soul, and there are many who today have begun this journey, it remains that we cannot do this at all unless we are willing to be very, very honest with ourselves.

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Calling out the dishonesty of the spirit

When we bring stillness to our body we can call out the dishonesty of the spirit.

An excerpt from the book The Way of Initiation

Your mind belongs to your spirit. And it knows it is immortal. But that means naught if love is not the impulsing light and therefore, your spirit, which lacks the love to know how to use that immortality with the energetic integrity that immortality brings, self-abuses itself through each and every life. And so your spirit re-incarnates life after life repeating the same ill patterns in an illusional driven mental state that it can improve itself and thus 'have a better life'. None of that is what life is truly about. Human life is about returning to the light that we come from. And having achieved that we return to inspire others to do the same until such time when all the Sons are regathered back into the one body of expression that we all come from. You see that – being aware requires honesty and being energetically aware requires truth.

Serge Benhayon, The Way of Initiation, p 602

"In constant motion the spirit is identified. In stillness the soul resides."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 156

What makes the Soul and the spirit fundamentally different in essence and in expression, is the fact that the energy impulsing the Soul is that of the Divine (also known as Fire) and the one activating the spirit is what we call prana.

The qualities of the Soul are Stillness, Love, Truth, Harmony and Joy, the spirit works with everything that opposes and often imitates these qualities. The Soul is Divine, evolutionary, all-encompassing and spherical; the spirit is involutionary, limited and lineal. The Soul works in perfect unison with the divine rhythms and cycles of the whole cosmos and it is always a unifying energy whereas the spirit functions in opposition to the harmonious rhythms of the universe and thus it always fosters separation.

The Soul works with simplicity the spirit seeks identification in complication. Another way to catch out the spirit is through the wisdom of our body. The Gentle Breath Meditation® is a practical tool that assist us in that reconnection.

"To breathe your own breath will bring you the real you. The real you paves the way for the true you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 512

It must be clearly stated that our spirit is not the ‘higher self’ that it thinks itself to be. It is the lonely fragment that walked away from the Whole that is the Soul and as such it chooses to live in separation to the truth under the illusion that it is ‘the one’ that saves the human being from misery.

The state of bliss or elevation or ‘enlightenment’ that almost all spiritual paths promote is the ultimate experience for the spirit; they feed the individuated identification that endorse the spirit in its illusionary quest to seek more and more of itself, rather than be exposed for its wayward choices and the delay of its inevitable return to Soul.

That said it is important to note that it is our spirits that eventually choose to return and not the Soul that calls in its wayward fragment back from the outer reaches of all that it has created for itself.

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Egoic moment – choosing to be soulful

When the spirit is ready to come back to Soul.

An excerpt from the book The Way It Is

“It should be well noted by all that it is the spirit that chooses religion. It is the spirit that chooses the spiritual path. It is the spirit that chooses the guru in the contemporary sense. It is the spirit that chooses to meditate itself out of reality. (It does this by using this simple connecting tool – meditation – to keep numb from the deeper inner scars and avoid the lack of self-love it has for itself.) It is the spirit that challenges true esoteric wisdom. It is the spirit that will defend all of these and much more if there is spiritual pain or if there is a loss of power or comfort at stake. Note well, that it is the spirit that goes to war and not the personality!

The spirit is the defender of all it thinks it is and all it finds identification with in order to comfortably exist without having to face its own true light and thus render its individuated form naught and hence unite with the one in all that is equal – the Soul.

Illusion only exists outside of the inner-heart. Therefore, all the spirit thinks it is, is just its own illusion.”

Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is, p 34

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Is your true essence spirit or Soul?

Developing a relationship with your true, inner-most essence.

"The fact of spirit and Soul and the two very differing consciousnesses they bring will in time be proven as fact. But until then, it will be a long haggle of words; a fruitless and rather deleterious endeavour by those who refuse to let their impulsed resistance via a selective ignorance be exposed.

One day it will be discovered that there has always been a very deliberate effort to obscure the fact that there is a Soul and a spirit from which to choose life or consciousness. And, it makes it worse, meaning, more murky, when there is in fact a Divine Spirit that is not part of the spirit that became the human spirit we know of today. Yes, the Holy Spirit is real as is the Divine Spirit, but let us make sure we know what the word ‘spirit’ actually means on an energetic level well before we assume or get led by strictly conventional etymology."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 154

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