An intelligence that, perhaps, is not so intelligent

This open letter reveals our harmful patterns and their consequences.

An intelligence that, perhaps, is not so intelligent

An Open Letter to Humanity by Serge Benhayon addresses our history and what has led to our behaviours in the past and now.

The book shows how we still use these disharmonious behaviours and thinking patterns and how we still use our bodies in a way which doesn’t support our wellbeing. Reading this book helps me to become more aware of my own patterns and see what this behaviour can lead to.

I love the sentence, “We all live on a planet that we share as our plane of life well before we can divide it geographically.” (p. 52)

It reminds me that we are all connected; that boundaries don’t exist; that we have set them up in using an intelligence that perhaps is not intelligent - an intelligence that makes our life complicated and difficult.

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  • By Kerstin Salzer, Physiotherapist

    Living with my daughter and husband close to Stuttgart, Germany. I enjoy nature and love to make walks in the beautiful countryside. I like singing, dancing and supporting people to move gently.