'An Open Letter to Humanity' and the path of honesty

Allowing ourselves to feel what we cannot but feel is key to honesty.

'An Open Letter to Humanity' and the path of honesty

"Choose to be as honest as possible about how you truly feel – with yourself, with another, others and in ‘situations’."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, ed 1, p 724

To be absolutely honest (pun intended), I absolutely love reading pages 724 to 731 of this book; this whole book is amazing and a wake-up call for us all to question what is really going on for humanity. But I often find myself drawn to these particular pages. It may be when I don’t quite feel myself, something is bothering or niggling at me, or I feel burdened by something I have taken on.

"Admit feeling what you feel by not complaining about it but by nominating it with the honesty that so calls it up and out. If you truly feel great, then claim it in full. And if you do not, say it so with no reservation."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, ed 1, p 724

This section is so refreshing to read; for me it feels like I am being given permission

  • to feel what I feel
  • to say what I feel
  • that it’s okay to feel all that I feel
  • to be truly honest about what I feel
  • to look at my part, review my life, my behaviours, with no critique.

It is so rare to read something that asks and allows us to be honest about how we feel with people, situations and life and look at our part in it too, without doing that nice polite thing and thinking ‘I can’t say that or feel this’ when it is in fact very healing to express how we really feel, be it to yourself or others as is required. It’s like the body lets go. It’s saying it’s okay to be me, it’s okay to feel all these things. And with absolute honesty comes truth, with truth comes energetic truth. For example,

"With honesty, begin to express what you do that you know is not right, loving, truly ‘healthy’ or true for you."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, ed 1, p 725

For example, we may have blamed another for something, got frustrated, annoyed, felt hurt; the key is to be honest about how we felt with ourselves about that person or situation, then be honest with ourselves and see how we played a part in it too. This is so refreshing and humbling to do, it knocks out judgment and brings much more understanding as to how our patterns and behaviours affect us all. And it creates space.

Another example is being honest about eating sugar or drinking coffee: we could say we love it, but the honest truth, and I know from experience I don’t love sugar, is that I need sugar or sugar substitutes because I am so exhausted. Then this allows me to feel and see what I really need to look at to heal – my exhaustion and why I am exhausted, how I am living – and that allows me to be far more understanding with myself and others; to see the bigger picture instead of judging myself or other people.

It also allows us to be far more honest and real about everything we feel and are aware of energetically on a daily basis.

Honestly, honesty rocks! – It may just be the best thing you could do.

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