Esoteric Teachings and Revelations – An oracle for life

From self abuse to self care, how the Esoteric teachings supported healing.

Esoteric Teachings and Revelations – An oracle for life

Esoteric Teachings and Revelations – A New Study for Mankind by Serge Benhayon is now part of my daily medicine. Every day before I go to work I open it up at a random page and inevitably I always read a quote that will be exactly what I need at that time.

One instance when this was very palpable was during a time when, after many years of having no lumps, there was a very distinct lump in my left breast. Whilst I went to my GP for medical checks I was aware that something I was doing in my life had created this somehow. I needed to get honest.

Just being open to seeing how this was possible – consistently, and without asking any specific question when opening Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, I would open the book at page 525 and read:

"Women are craving any form of touch –

this is because they craved the true love

they did not get from their fathers.

Be wise – any form of touch is no substitute

for true love and its touch. "

“A benign tumour is not energetically benign:

Realising the hidden ills and issues women

carry imbedded in their breasts is in itself a

self-empowering experience –

the fact that you are living with lumps in your

breasts tells you there is something wrong.”

At the time I had just ended one intimate relationship and was about to embark on another. I felt uncomfortable and had a lot of questions about the relationship. I was also not looking after myself.

Repeatedly opening the book up at this page, I started to accept, that this was no accident. Here I was being given a very clear message that I needed to step back and look at my relationship with myself. 

I noticed a theme of me being dishonest in my relationships and this ‘new’ one was another extension. It felt important to give myself the space to be honest with myself, take care of and get to know myself again before getting distracted in another relationship.

Prior to this the tests came back as benign and the lump disappeared. Subsequently I also sought support from esoteric healing practitioners, which helped me to look at the form of self-abuse I was in.

Whilst I am still learning to take care of myself and be more honest, I know that the support from Esoteric Teachings and Revelations and the subsequent action I took during this time have been a pivotal step in the healing process. 

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