In our inner-heart and body we are all the same

Reading 'The Way of Initiation' resulted in a newfound   commitment to truth

In our inner-heart and body we are all the same

"It is the evolutionary path of each individual to reach that point whereupon the temporal truths no longer satisfy the aching need . . . "

. . . is the beginning sentence of page 14 of The Way of Initiation by Serge Benhayon.

I had well and truly reached that point some twenty years before, but it wasn’t until I began reading this book that I knew that I had found the one truth I was searching for — the awareness and fact that there are two energies to choose our ‘intelligence’ from and I remember saying, “Oh, my God! This is what I have been searching for.”

So began my choice over four years ago to commit myself to my true evolutionary path by being aware that I need to re-connect to my inner-heart and choose the energy of my soul/God/Love, and not the spiritual energy that I had been using, because I wasn’t aware it was holding me ‘hostage’ to mis-information with a scattering of perceived truth.

Serge’s books are living testimony to what we all are equally – each one of us on this planet – we are all the same in our inner-heart and body.

Yes, we may look different – that’s the gift of diversity – but inside us is the same heart ticking away and waiting for us to remember our equalness. This is all presented in Serge’s books and from every angle you could possibly imagine, because he repeats the same information in all sorts of different ways so that we all have an opportunity to understand what he is presenting.

Thank you Serge for these books so that the truth of UNIVERSAL LAW and how it operates in and with everything as the energy of LOVE is available to everyone because, as presented by Serge Benhayon, everything is energy and everything happens because of energy.

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  • By Susan Wilson, Dip. Professional Writing and Editing

    I love to inspire people and have found the way I do this is to live and express the truth of the love that I am and we all are equally so.

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