Truth found and incorporated in daily Livingness through the  Ageless Wisdom.

I devoured many, many books growing up and there was always one to be found on my bedside table.

I was using books to distract me from what I was feeling, which was mostly –

“Is this all there is?”
“Where’s the more?”
“I know there’s more.”

I felt like someone outside of my own life, watching, thinking “what are you doing? Can’t you remember the Truth?” I had surely forgotten.

Until I picked up the book The Way It Is – A Treatise on Energetic Truth by author Serge Benhayon, the first of many ‘purple books’. I knew I had found Truth again.

I could not read this book as I had previous books. This is a book that speaks to your very cells. It calls for all of you to be fully present so that it can reveal its loving gifts. This book is the Ageless Wisdom and it communicates with our inner heart, where Truth resides.

When I read this book I already knew what the author was saying and the Truth was just bubbling up all through me, very joyfully. My body felt like it was coming home to me.

Re-reading this book takes me to deeper levels of this innate wisdom so that a new foundation, built upon a forever deepening understanding of the Truth, is brought to me.

Once read, this book lives inside you, and the Truth of it becomes the steps of your Livingness.

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  • By Shelley Jones