Living a religious life – connecting with the divine within

Living a religious life: Connecting with the Divine is actually very simple

Living a religious life – connecting with the divine within

Connecting with our Divine essence, and making that connection your way of life, can be done very simply and then just lived as an everyday experience in the midst of normal life. You can live connected and be in any job imaginable, be in family life, be in community affairs – whatever you choose to do. The point is that you can choose to connect with the so-much-more that we naturally are, and then live and express from that. Everybody benefits when we do that.

Divinity is absolutely natural – it is where we are from. Thus it is no big deal at all. Divinity is the-All… and it can and is being lived right here, in society – in family life, work, relationships and all the comings and goings of life. As with all happenings in life, we can choose to either express our Divinity or express from and with something so very much less (which is what we on the whole experience in life).

The truth of who we are is love –– not sucky, emotional, needy love, but the love that just is. In fact, love is actually a be-holding – it just beholds. It needs nothing, it asks for nothing. It just loves and knows that all are equal in that love, no matter what they choose to live or express. This is the law of free will – where we are free to choose what quality we align with – and our expressions, as a result and natural consequence, will either reflect the Divinity we naturally are or they will reflect something a whole lot less.

When we choose to connect with the Divinity we naturally are, and live from that, then we are living religiously. This is actually very simple. We don’t need a building, we don’t need an authority: through seeing it reflected in someone (anyone) else, we can see it is possible, and this inspires us to connect with our own inner-heart. From there, our own inner-heart impulses our way forward. We can feel for ourselves what is true and what is not – because it either feels the same as the innermost heart, which is truth, or it does not. No more is needed. We can then feel our own way forward – honouring the truth deep within ourselves.

If we choose to connect, then we are choosing the original meaning of the word religion – meaning to re-connect. Religion is simply this – no more and no less. Hence to live a religious life is simply to live in connection with your natural Divinity – the so-much-more, or the Soul.

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