Who am I? Am I my low self esteem or my low self worth?

‘Who Am I?’ is one of the never-ending questions we ask ourselves from early adolescence, to retirement and beyond. It is a question that has the potential to cripple us with low self esteem and low self worth, and can lead to many paths of seeking and searching.

Yet, how does this happen when we are born knowing we are amazing and delicious, yet do nothing more than poo, pee, vomit and dribble?

At what point do we lose that sense of our innate essence of love that we can feel in our young?

The moment we lose the connection to who we are, to our essence, to that love, we start searching and looking to others to fill the space and re-find that connection.

Our essence, don’t forget, is innately there with us, without any doing whatsoever, just waiting for us to be still enough to feel it.

Yet we are not taught that who we are is found in our connection to ourselves, that many of the answers we seek are inside us, found in the innate wisdom we have when connected to the loving being that we are. Instead, we are shown by the attention we get when we ‘do’, that it comes from pleasing others and achieving in life.

Could it be that expecting others to tell us who we are is why we lose our sense of self worth and carry low self esteem as if it was a normal part of our makeup or the clothes we put on?

Others will never be able to satisfy the longing we have inside, as that longing has its source in the lack of connection to ourselves and the only person who can re-connect to that – is us.

We naturally know we are more than what we do, we know that love is who we are, otherwise why do we search for it in others? Why is it our greatest longing? This knowing and longing is our greatest gift as it is calling us back to our essence.

Who am I, starts with re-connecting to our own essence of love. Our appreciation of our self, builds a foundation for greater self esteem and self worth.

Take a moment to re-connect, to feel your essence when you are still and just being you. The decisions you make and your engagement and offerings to the world will be very different. The result in your mental health and well-being will be equally telling.

When we ask the question Who Am I? ... the answer might well be ... Amazing. Just for being me.

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